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Bradbury Fields seeks 2,000 people to join lottery initiative

A special charity is reaching out to local people of Liverpool to become involved in their lottery project. Bradbury Fields is a 360-degree support service that bridges the gap for the blind and partially sighted. You can change lives and increase your chances of winning £25,000 every week by playing their weekly lottery.

Bradbury Fields, which provides essential services to the blind and partially sighted, offers an All Weathers Lottery with weekly draws costing just £4.34 per month. Their lottery offers far better odds of winning than the National or Health Lotteries, with prizes of up to £25,000 every week, and money raised from it helps the local charity in a big way.

Bradbury Fields seeks 2,000 people to join lottery initiative

Charities like Bradbury Fields are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to raise money as obtaining it becomes harder and harder. In order to buy new technology that will enable their service users become more independent using the internet, the Bradbury Fields Lottery hopes to attract 2,000 new monthly subscribers.

Based in Knotty Ash, the charity helps around 5,000 local people each year. Its goal is to help blind and visually impaired people live as independently as possible, and they do this by signposting, providing technologies and tools, and having a wide range of services at their hub, from sports to holistic therapies to activities.

Bradbury Fields seeks 2,000 people to join lottery initiative

Fundraising Co-Ordinator Louise Miller said: 

“The landscape has changed since Covid and there are so many charities going for the same pots of money. We therefore need to adapt and reach out to the community for their support. That’s not easy at the moment with the cost of living issues, so we thought an affordable lottery would be a great idea.”

“So many people play the lottery, buy scratch cards and put a bet on and let’s be honest, the odds aren’t great. By choosing our lottery, which is less than £5 per month, you will be helping fund new technology that will change people’s lives — with better odds of winning and the chance to win £25,000 every week. If we can get 2,000 people signed up it will be a game changer for all our service users.”

Bradbury Fields seeks 2,000 people to join lottery initiative

Founded in 1857, Bradbury Fields stands as one of Liverpool’s oldest charitable organizations. Through rehabilitation, signposting, employment services, an on-site eye clinic, transcription services, training, and health and wellness, its Knotty Ash hub, became the first of its kind in the UK, largely closing the gap for blind and partially sighted people.

Louise said: 

“We offer such a wide range of services to help blind and visually impaired people live as independently as possible. Things such as technology to help people get online costs money but changes lives, therefore our lottery is a vital source of additional income to help fund these things. If you can sign up you’ll be making a difference and you could win some money that will do great things for you too!”

You can subscribe to their lottery here and for more information you can visit their website.


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