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Bright Minds For Kids launches in Liverpool

Bright Minds For Kids, specialising in Whole Brain Training, has opened in Liverpool.

Created by Executive Director Anna Stranack, this unique form of accelerated learning focuses on children from six months through to five years old.

Bright Minds For Kids launches in Liverpool

Anna, 40, graduated from LIPA with a degree in Acting before she embarked on a professional acting career from 2004. She then moved to Dubai in 2011 after being offered a teaching position at a prestigious theatre school.

Anna, from Childwall, started to become curious about different ways of learning and how young brains work and in 2014, she delved into the realm of Whole Brain Training and the vital role that it plays in stimulating young minds under the age of five.

With a real desire for gaining knowledge and insight into Whole Brain Training, Anna embraced training in this area and emerged as the Head of Teaching at a leading Whole Brain Training centre in Dubai.

Bright Minds For Kids launches in Liverpool

When the owners of the centre relocated, Anna was inundated with requests for Whole Brain Training programmes from parents whose children had thrived through the classes.

In 2015, the entrepreneur took the plunge to establish The Bright Minds Institute in Dubai, drawing inspiration from renowned methodologies such as Shichida and Higuru to craft her own curriculum.

Since then, The Bright Minds Institute has nurtured over 1000 eager minds, all under the tutelage of Anna and her team of dedicated teachers, with the company currently nurturing over 200 students.

When launching The Bright Minds Institute, Anna enlisted the help of her mum, Christina Stranack, who had spent decades teaching in schools across Merseyside. 

Following the successful launch of The Bright Minds Institute in Dubai, Christina started to offer some classes in Liverpool to children of family and friends but in early 2023, made the decision to retire at 67. 

With Christina identifying that the offering in Merseyside for Whole Brain Training and stimulating young minds was sparse and uninspiring, when she officially retired, Anna embarked on officially launching Bright Minds For Kids.

Specialising in Whole Brain Training, Bright Minds For Kids runs 45 minute private at-home Whole Brain Training classes where a teacher will visit clients and deliver the class from the comfort of their home. 

Providing both 1-2-1 and group sessions for up to five friends of the same age, Bright Minds For Kids has adopted this relatively recent advancement in neuroscience, with studies proving that the human brain develops most rapidly and extensively in the first year of a child’s life.

By the age of three, 90% of a child’s brain is developed, with billions of cells and hundreds of trillions of connections between cells. These connections are at the heart of learning for young children and are made through the variety of experiences the young child encounters. Repeated daily, positive experiences have a long-lasting impact for a child; not only on their ability to learn but also on their emotional, social and spiritual development.

Through a carefully designed enrichment programme for children aged between six months to five years old, Bright Minds For Kids focuses on scientific evidence of whole brain development, resulting in well-rounded children with the ability to think critically whilst demonstrating creativity alongside empathy.

Currently employing two teachers who help Anna deliver the inspiring sessions, Anna hopes to replicate the same success in Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area that she has experienced in Dubai, to support young children with their development from an early age. 

Anna explained:

“I’m so passionate about Whole Brain Training and giving children their first stepping stone to developing their creativity, empathy and critical thinking through our carefully crafted curriculum. It’s my goal to help every child grow into creative, thoughtful and intelligent young people.

“I really hope to replicate the same success throughout the Liverpool City Region as we’ve enjoyed so far in Dubai, with plans for expansion across Cheshire and the broader North West areas.”


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