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Christy Bellis releases debut EP Human Nature

Featuring a plethora of different moods and themes, Christy Bellis provides a fresh new voice to commentate on the age old dilemmas that still exist in Century 21 UK.

Think of an intoxicating mash up between Marina and Billy Eilish against an Eighties influenced sonic palette.Sexual politics and expectations are explored with a sassiness and musical attitude that simply demands attention.

The Artiste’s viewpoint…

“Human Nature…her debut EP…reflects on the positives and the negatives of human behaviour. From how emotions and things within our nature such as desire and temptation can lead us to our rise or to our fall; and how ‘human nature’ can be used as an excuse for our behaviour”

“Bridesmaid offers a cheeky alternative narrative to the one we are so used to hearing in pop music. It takes a well known phrase which is usually associated with negative connotations and self pity and flips it on his head to see the positives of independence. Although ultimately a pop track, Bridesmaid is heavily influenced by reggae. I wanted to give a nod to the intricate use of vocal harmony within reggae as well as the raw social commentary we hear within the style.”

“No Means No is a burst of anger and frustration from my own experiences as a woman when it comes to consent or the lack of it. It references other women’s experiences, including the words used to protect themselves directly in contrast to the words and actions used against them”

“Human Nature is a fun track about the feelings and confusion that come in the early stages of a relationship. It explores what it’s like to not know if someone wants you in the same way you do and the push and pull of falling but trying to protect yourself”

“Controller is about the waiting for someone to be seen for who they truly are, controlling and manipulative, you see it but no one else does yet. They are so good at playing the ‘good guy’ that all you can do is sit back and let it run its course”

“Bored is a comment on modern dating and the endless cycle it creates. How dating apps have desensitised us, that we no longer see people as people on them and it feels more like playing a game. We tell ourselves we’ll stop using them but we always come back because society tells us in a modern world it’s the only way to find someone and be happy”

For further information visit www.kmpuk.co.uk  or follow @kleekleemusic

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