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Chronic pain miracle cases from The Venard Clinic

Despite past advice, the intelligent and savvy will not accept chronic pain as a life sentence. Including sciatica, migraines, lower back pain, disc problems, unsuccessful procedures, hip pain, rotator cuff problems, knee problems, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, and sprains.

Having already invested thousands of pounds on therapies that have given little results, the problem requires daily exercises and routine maintenance sessions to prevent it from getting worse. To state a few. Where most would have simply accepted the suffering, they reduced their aspirations and way of life to suit the suffering.

Chronic pain miracle cases from The Venard Clinic

The smart and savvy continue their search. They refuse to reduce their quality of life. They have big goals to tick off. They want to live their life to the fullest on their terms WITHOUT never ending maintenance follow ups and daily exercises. To be able to look back and say ‘WOW! We achieved all this’. Rather than ‘I wish we did that’. Here are 5 notable success cases that many thought would be impossible:


Since a young child, Martin loved to stay active — from playing out until the street lights come on to various sports, surfing and swimming. Until a failed shoulder surgery in his teens put an end to this. When the best surgeon in the region said nothing else could be done and to basically live with the pain? He was heartbroken.

After a consultation, Venard found the real cause was actually compensation from old knocks, bumps, falls and concussions to his head. With any type of head trauma, the neck and shoulder muscles kick in overtime to keep the head stable so his eyes and vision system remain as level as possible.

Venard treated his eyes and old concussions and 90% of his issues cleared up. After clearing the shoulder scars and fine tuning the remaining 10% with his shoulder, he’s now back to swimming and surfing pain free.


After 12 months of zero progress from plantar fasciitis treatments, James reached out for a solution. Using a comprehensive assessment process, Venard found his foot problem was actually an eye coordination issue leading to his body compensating. This impacted how his muscles activate and move. Resulting in the plantar fasciitis.

By repatterning how the eyes coordinate when he moves them, this reset the dysfunction and all the muscles that were not working well returned to normal function again. With his busy schedule, he opted for the Same Day Turnaround Clinic requiring only one session for long lasting results. Over a year later from one session, he is still pain free and has his life back.


Alex was not asking for much. Simply to be the best Dad and partner he could be. Alex suffered with a torn and bulging disc in his back for 14 years and wanted a normal life again. Having already seen multiple clinics over the years, wasting thousands of pounds with no results, he was sceptical.

After a chat with Venard, he booked in for the assessment session. In that session not only did he see in real time the increase in strength and flexibility possible for his back, he felt the difference as well. Venard mapped out his symptoms and history and found his lower back to be compressed, tight and weak muscles.

Venard treated old rugby injuries and surgeries which were found to be the cause. His results? Going from unable to stand for a few minutes doing chores to cleaning the whole house. Being able to stand and watch his son play a whole game of football where previously he would only watch the last 10 minutes. Previously only being able to walk his dog 10 minutes twice a week to at least 30 minutes twice a day.


Roofer Les loves sailing on the weekends. Unfortunately, chronic knee pain meant he could not partake in this activity as he was unable to kneel or crouch. Using the same framework as the above cases, Venard found the knee issue was caused by an old foot injury as a teenager.

Venard repatterned his nervous system of the foot that was sending incorrect signals from the old injury. Now the foot feels safe and normal, the knee did not have to compensate anymore and freed up. He was pain free. Today, seven years later, he is still pain free and sailing around the world.


Move and feel 20 years younger? Entirely possible. The stress and fatigue of the chronic lower back pain made Fraser feel and move older than he was. Local therapists could not find the cause and told him that he would have to live with this for the rest of his life.

Venard mapped his issue out to old knocks, falls and scars that were causing all the havoc to his lower back. Immediately from the first session he was moving freely and within a few sessions he was back to training and sprinting like his younger self. All pain free. Fraser is based in New Zealand and this case was done all exclusively remotely over video across 11 hours difference.

Just because time is constant, does not mean the pain also has to be. For those who are serious about getting their life back and want results like the above, book in through the website for your complementary 30 minute call to discuss your issue or email info@thevenardclinic.com. Due to a busy clinic diary, for faster response, website and email is preferred.

You can book your complementary 30 minute introductory call here or email info@thevenardclinic.com

For more information from the Venard Clinic you can visit their website.


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