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Go Quest Adventures turn Liverpool city streets into adventure playgrounds

Go Quest Adventures Ltd is a new company launching in Liverpool this month that provides both locals and tourists a whole new way in which to explore cities and towns all through the Go Quest Adventures app on their mobile device.

The company has launched just ahead of the busy summer tourist season and hopes to provide both locals and visitors a fun experience to take part in while showcasing what Liverpool has to offer.

The company’s brand identity is the Quest Master who designs what they call ‘Quests’ around the UK which are carefully crafted hidden trails around a city or town. Teams of up to 5 people unlock the trail by finding clues, solving puzzles and completing team challenges. The trails are designed to not only highlight a town’s attractions, but allow players to find hidden gems whilst learning some fun facts and history and earning points along the way, adding a fun gaming element to the Quest. Those conquering a Quest and placing on the city leaderboards can enter into a monthly draw for prizes. Think city walking adventure meets carefully crafted treasure hunt with an urban escape room twist! The 2 1⁄2 – 3 hour Quests are priced at £27.95 for a group of up to 5 people, but the company is offering an introductory discount code of 20% off a first Quest with code PLAYTODAY.

Local populations will enjoy Quests by exploring their own backyard from a different perspective and noticing things they may not have noticed before as once again they become tourists in their own city as staycations become more popular. As one recent participant said, “Really enjoyed it and found some places we hadn’t seen before and learnt things about our city which we didn’t know. Amazing what you miss when you live in a place.”

But it’s not just locals that the company hopes to target, the Quests are geared towards the tourist sector as well. As tourism begins to ramp up again after the downturn in the pandemic years, the company’s Quests provides a perfect new experience to support the city as being “a place of hope, creativity and excitement” by providing a fun and engaging activity that tourists if most ages would not only enjoy but also learn more about Liverpool ad explore its wonderful offerings. As well as bringing people into the city centre, the Quests encouraging players to revisit places of interest after their Quest.

In addition to their prebuilt city Quests, like the one in Chester’s city centre, the company can custom design Quests for organisations, schools, universities and special events. They are the perfect team building or school/university induction activity and can be used as icebreakers for conferences and events.

Founders Juan and Kimberly Kniveton combined their love of travelling and learning about new places with Kim’s love of puzzles and the rise in popularity of escape rooms to conceive of the app. While there are similar treasure hunt style experiences in the market, none combined both aspects with the ease and readily-available technology of an app that allowed a gaming element as well, so the Go Quest Adventure app was born. They spent over 18 months in development with London based development agency CodeLeap and the app is free on both the App Store and GooglePlay. Although Kim and Juan started the venture during the middle of the pandemic, they knew that once people started to travel again, they wanted them to have a fun and engaging way to not only see new places but to explore their own backyards from a different perspective.

As founder Kimberly Kniveton stated:

“I think people are so busy rushing around they fail to notice the fun and beautiful things all around them. Go Quest Adventures offers an engaging and interactive way to not only get to know a place but to see things from a whole new way.”

The Liverpool adventure is the sixth Quest launched by the company, which also has a Quest in Chester, Douglas, Isle of Man, Nottingham, Inverness & Edinburgh. The company will also be launching a Quest in Glasgow later this month and has plans to have 12 Quests operating in the UK be the end of 2022 with more Quests being added throughout 2023 and beyond. There may even be another Liverpool Quest in the works soon as there is so much to explore that just one Quest won’t suffice!

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