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In Conversation with – Nikolaos Fylladitakis

After the huge success of Liverpool’s popular Greek eatery Laros, Owner Nikolaos Fylladitakis speaks about the expansion to Manchester with their new venture ‘Dark Kitchen’.

Dark Kitchen which is available for delivery only via Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, offers its full authentic Greek food menu, giving Mancunians a taster of why its sister project Laros is so popular in Liverpool.

From the success of launching Laros, did you think the expansion to another location would happen as fast as it has?

We always knew that Laros was a concept with potential. Having said that, the expansion came faster than we expected, but it was heavily fueled by the enthusiasm and appreciation of our guests for authentic good quality Greek Street food. 

Why did you choose Manchester as your next location?

Manchester kind of came to us. There were a few options on the table and Manchester was the one that stood out. We wanted to stay in the North, close to home but also expand into an area with growing culinary diversity. 

How successful has Dark Kitchen been since the recent launch?

We are delighted by how warmly we have been welcomed to Manchester. We have seen a great start to our opening and hope to continue with the same momentum.

What has been the most popular dish so far at Dark Kitchen?

Our guests seem to be equally attracted to the mixed gyros box and mixed gyros pita wrap the most. This is followed by the vegetarian option on the talagani (better than halloumi) cheese. 

Which location is next on your list for your brand to expand to?

We have a couple of locations in mind, and are exploring our options. For now we will focus on the two we have up and running and once we have a set location we will be sure to announce it on our social media. 

Finally, can we expect to see more of your venues in Liverpool?

Definitely! Liverpool is an amazing city, very close to our hearts and the home of the first Laros. We will definitely be exploring our options in the city. Our priority is to ensure we keep our quality high, our food to the utmost standard, and our guests happy; everything else will follow.

Visit www.larosgreek.co.uk

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