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In conversation with Sean Gibney owner of Joseph’s Fine Jewellers

As we approach one of the most romanticised days of the year, engagement rings and jewellery advertisements are everywhere… and also on lots of people’s minds! 

Join us for a chat with Sean Gibney, owner of Joseph’s Fine Jewellers, who has been in the industry for over 30 years.

In conversation with Sean Gibney owner of Joseph's Fine Jewellers

What is the most popular type of engagement ring at the moment?

Currently the most popular & requested shape of diamond for engagement rings has to be the oval diamond. This beautiful shape enables customers to also be creative with the band too, adding diamonds, twist detail, etc. We are designing some absolutely beautiful rings at the moment with so much detail, like we haven’t seen before. Also, another popular trend are Toi Et Moi engagement rings. These are rings with an architectural design featuring multi-stones, i.e. two different shaped or coloured stones and these are often seen on a gold band.

Yellow, white gold or platinum setting?

This is a difficult one. It’s a pretty even split between yellow and white gold at the moment.

Are oval diamonds here to stay or is it just a current trend?

The beauty of the oval diamond is that it can be simple or extravagant in it’s setting but still look remarkably timeless and beautiful.

Oval earrings and pendants have also risen in popularity due to the elegance and versatility of the stone, so definitely here to stay.

When picking an item of jewellery as a gift what should the buyer consider?

Try and consider the styles and tastes of the individual, what colour and shapes they like, what’s their fashion sense and think about their personality as jewellery is very much reflective of someone’s personality.

Try and give as much of this information to the sales consultant helping you with your purchase and they will guide you in choosing the perfect gift.

What do you enjoy most about working in the industry?

There is no industry like the jewellery industry and it’s a privilege to be at the heart of it.

To be part of life’s celebrations including birthdays, engagements, weddings, through to anniversaries, and sharing these most precious moments with your customers, well who wouldn’t be excited by that!

With many families you get to know them through the generations, you literally feel you are sharing their journey.

What are your thoughts around Lab Grown Diamonds?

This is a very topical question and had divided much of the industry. Personally I feel we need to embrace this alternative to Natural diamonds and offer our customers an informed choice. They have been very successful in America but have been slower to capture the imagination here. Whilst I can see the growth and popularity increasing over the next few years, particularly with the younger generation with the obvious incredible look and value, somethings are meant to be aspirational and nothing can come close to the feeling of romance and mystique of a natural diamond and all the emotions that they bring to the wearer.

At Joseph’s we offer a small selection of Laboratory grown diamonds and have just created a few bespoke coloured Lab grown diamond rings which are absolutely stunning and individual.

For more information on Joseph’s Fine Jewellers visit the website.


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