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Interview with Liverpool based Illustrator Molly Cotterill

Matt Jacobson interviews Molly Cotterill, 28, a Liverpool based illustrator.

“It wasn’t until the first lockdown I realised I could make something of myself with illustration”.

When did you first have an interest in illustration? 

I’ve always considered myself creative but it wasn’t until a few years ago I found myself falling in love with illustration. After going through a dark spell in my life I turned to creating autobiographical comics for a creative outlet. This outlet allowed myself to be expressive and humorous but also dealing with serious issues that others found relatable. From then I have experimented with different mediums (lettering, window art, etc) which I have loved exploring and I cannot wait to learn more. 

Do you have any favourite artists, influences?

Neil Keating – a local cartoonist, I love seeing his art around the city. 

Interview with Illustrator Molly Cotterill
Does it provide freedom to escape?

yes! Creating art is extremely cathartic and extremely helps my anxiety. Time always flies when I’m doing the thing I love the most. 

Do you ever have a creative block and inspiration doesn’t flow or is it always there?

This happens all the time but it is completely normal and every artist goes through it. For me, forcing myself to create isn’t healthy so it’s just a waiting process. In the meantime I try to ignite inspiration by doing things I enjoy like visiting galleries or reading my favourite comic books. 

When did you realise it could be a career?

Funnily enough it wasn’t until the first lockdown I realised I could make something of myself with illustration. It allowed a lot of time to focus on my creativity. For the first time in my life I drew everyday, it gave me a focus during a challenging time and my confidence soared. Drawing everyday led to commissions, making prints to sell for the first time and jobs designing window displays. 

And your shop, how long ago was it formed?

I started my shop in June 2020!

What is the focus of your work, people, places like the city or anything else?

This always changes as I love experimenting with different mediums. My main focus is whatever excites me at the time, whether it be making comics, practising lettering techniques or drawing my favourite buildings around the city! 

And what about the future for Molly?

I would love to start doing murals! Creating large scale pieces really excites me and a challenge I would love to face. Other than that I’m pretty down to earth – as long as my future lets me carry on being creative, I am happy. 

Thank you Molly & very best wishes for the future!

Matt Jacobson

You can check out Molly’s Instagram @mollycotterill or visit her website at www.molshop.co.uk

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