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Liverpool is calling for local families to help host international students and get paid for doing so

One of the country’s leading English language academies, LILA* Liverpool, is encouraging local residents to become host families and help house the latest cohort of international students… and be paid for doing so!

Based in the city centre, LILA* Liverpool offers a wide range of English courses suited to all abilities, and welcomes students from all over the world as part of its Homestay Programme. It now wants Liverpool families to open up their homes and give students the best Liverpool experience ever.

And with the current rise in the cost of living, the extra money generated by becoming a host family can be extremely beneficial. 

The Homestay Programme is perfect for international students studying in Liverpool who want to stay with local families and immerse themselves in British… not to mention, Scouse culture!

Leanne Linacre, owner/director at LILA* Liverpool, said: 

“Homestay is a brilliant experience for the whole family. I have hosted students myself in the past, and my children have learnt a lot from the experience. Homestay students often come from all over the world, and so it’s lovely to learn about their culture and teach them about ours too. 

“The team and I are still in touch with lots of students who we hosted years ago, and sometimes you can even make a friend for life. 

“Not only is being a host family a thoroughly enriching experience, but also with the cost of living crisis at the moment, the extra cash certainly comes in handy, be it for a holiday or DIY project.” 

Sarah, LILA* host, said: 

“Being a host family enabled us to earn some extra money while I was on maternity leave, and we enjoyed it a lot. At first it was daunting having a stranger in the house, but it never feels unsafe, and the students are so good to have around the house. 

“I love learning about other cultures and other foods, and my children love it too; plus, with them learning languages in school, it really helps them to speak with confidence. 

“You also make lifelong friends, which is really nice. Liverpool has a massive pull too; the students love the music, culture, and it’s obviously a lot cheaper than living in London.

“When I talk about it to friends they always mention the security, but if you ever feel unsafe the school can accommodate you easily. I’ve never had a bad experience. It’s all been very fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Another LILA* host, Amanda, said: 

“I’d never considered becoming a host family before, but thought it sounded interesting. We’re a family who love people, and so we thought we’d definitely be able to accommodate an international student and learn more about their culture, where they come from, and their background.

“As a family, we’ve always been involved in organisations that support young people, so it just felt like the perfect avenue to go down. Indeed, my whole family has learnt so much. We have hosted students from across the globe including the likes of Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and even Columbia. It’s just wonderful to help them learn how to write, read, and speak English. 

“We’ve been a host family now for almost a decade, and we keep in touch with the majority of the students we’ve hosted, many of whom have become like second sons and daughters. 

“If you’re hospitable, warm, welcoming and interested in learning from other people, then the benefits are endless as LILA* are amazing at organising everything and work great with the host families and their students.”

LILA* has a dedicated team on hand to assist students, and all hosts and accommodation must meet its criteria.

Become a host family by contacting the accommodation team via: 

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