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Liverpool Legends ease to victory past Celtic Legends

As Jamie Webster serenaded the Anfield crowd in his first ever performance at the ground the LFC legends got warmed up on the lovely breezy afternoon for what would be a fantastic show for everyone in attendance.

Ragnar Klavan and Martin Skrtel were playing cross field passes to each other on either wing which is something which should have only been possible in an alternative universe but today it was, due to the brilliance of the LFC Foundation who set these games up to raise money for several charities.

So it isn’t just some of the greats running around the cherished Anfield turf, that is just the spectacle on show for us and with one of the greatest ever players to play for the club, Steven Gerrard, in action it was set to be quite the spectatcle.

You’ll Never Walk Alone played out and was shared between the two sets of fans in a mesmerising fashion just before kick-off to really make the two sets of players feel like their playing days were only a few weeks ago.

The captain on the day did not disappoint, as he very rarely did during his purely magnificent 17 years at the club, with Gerrard being the reason why the veteran Reds were in front at half-time.

He dispatched a penalty with ease which was won thanks to Martin Skrtel who showed exactly why he is a number ten back when he playing amateur football in Slovakia as his silky feet meant the only way he could be stopped was getting hacked down.

Gerrard stepped up and sent Arthur Boruc the wrong way allowing him to celebrate in front of the Celtic fans who had been giving the former Rangers manager some stick which he had given back, all part of the fun and games.

In the second half a host of changes were made by both sides and it helped Liverpool as they came out like a bat out of hell as within a minute they’d doubled their lead.

Mark Gonzalez got played through on goal sat one defender down and his strike hit the post before dribbling it’s way over the line which certainly silenced the fans in the green and white.

That was until they though they had something to celebrate not once but twice however on both occasions the linesman had his flag up.

It didn’t stop them though as they sang excellently throughout to yet again prove just how good of an occasion it is to have these wonderful games where you have Gary McAllister on the same side as Klavan who was marauding up the left wing at every given opportunity and Robbie Keane doing a half on each side.

The things you would never see all put together to raise money for charity on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Even with a minute to go the Celtic end were screaming for a penalty as if these two sides were playing a Champions League knockout game but unfortunately for them they couldn’t celebrate a goal with Liverpool winning 2-0.

The international breaks aren’t that bad after all.

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