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Liverpool PT Aimee Ormesher puts women and their health first

Liverpool PT Aimee Ormesher is helping women with PCOS, anxiety and depression switch from medication and reverse their symptoms by committing to a more natural and safer alternative through adopting healthy, sustainable long-term lifestyle changes all taught within her online programme 8 Weeks With Aimee.

Her signature online programme 8 Weeks with Aimee was created in January 2018 to educate & empower women who wanted to adopt a positive lifestyle change with the knowledge and support they needed to lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life. 

As someone who truly understands, Aimee, 30, has tried and tested almost every diet in the past – Keto, low-carb, fasting, Paleo, juice diets, soup diets, the 5:2 diet; she’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt!

Knowing that none of these short-term quick fixes work as it is no way to live life long-term, Aimee set about educating her clients on nutrition so that they could finally ditch the strict, rigid dieting rules and allow for more balance and flexibility into their lives so that they could enjoy their weekends without worrying, participate in celebrations, understand their bodies and cravings, all whilst working towards their health and fitness goals.

To date, Aimee has won Best Female Trainer in 2018 and Best Online Coach in 2020 by Pro Fit awards and has successfully helped 1000s of women completely transform their lives and their relationship with food.

8 Weeks With Aimee online programme is suitable for all ages, abilities & even post natal clients. It includes 100s of pre-recorded workouts as well as live sessions each week, a recipe book, live cookalongs, home and gym workouts, weekly check ins and constant support, and the person who achieves the biggest transformation wins a £500 cash prize!

Liverpool PT Aimee Ormesher puts women and their health first

For those who live in the Merseyside area, Aimee also gives everyone on the program free access to her classes that she teaches three times a week at Gateacre School.

During lockdown, Aimee saw her business boom and she took 8 Weeks With Aimee to the next level, incorporating a nutritionist, yoga & pilates instructors, meditation & mindfulness coaches, a members-only Facebook group where those taking part can build a community, share their experiences, seek advice and make friends for life!

The main focus of Aimee’s 8 week programme is to educate and empower her clients, giving them the confidence & the knowledge they need to improve their mental and physical health. Through increased knowledge, those taking part can make educated decisions to help them live a healthier and happier life and achieve sustainable results.. not just for 8 weeks but forever. 

Aimee said:

“8 Weeks With Aimee was created to give my clients a programme that incorporates everything to help them become the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. The programme is packed with information so that my clients can also gain knowledge and an understanding of how nutrition, sleep, stress, movement etc can positively affect them not just physically, but mentally too. I want to give women the opportunity to see what feeling their best looks like every single day.’

“A lot of my transformations have been weight loss related but the ones I’m most proud of are the ones that are literally life changing! The ones where women are ditching their medication or are less reliant on it in favour of a much healthier lifestyle where their symptoms have decreased or have almost been eradicated. We have women with PCOS who have found their condition more manageable and have finally lost weight after years of struggling, or those who have come off anxiety or depression medication because they’re practising positive habits that have reduced their symptoms, and those who are in a much better state of mind mentally and that for me is the most amazing result I could hope for for them.”

Aimee added:

“8 Weeks with Aimee is for women who feel like they’ve been dieting their whole life and feel like nothing works for them and lacking support, guidance and motivation, finally ditch the diet, enjoy the food they love, have the support they’ve always wanted and achieve results they’ve always wished for. 

“I’m also working on my biggest project to date; Forever Fit, which will launch in January and will help my clients following their 8 Weeks With Aimee programme and beyond to live a long-term healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

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