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Liverpool’s biggest hassles revealed in latest study

A recent study by webuyanycar.com has revealed Liverpool’s biggest hassles, from forgetting to bring a pound coin for a trolley to finding a tissue has disintegrated in your pocket in the wash and selling your car is also another hassle. These are just some of the most annoying hassles in life, according to the people in Liverpool.

Top of the list was people being driven to despair when a parcel or item doesn’t turn up on time that drives Liverpudlians mad – with a late delivery top of the list (55 percent).

Next on the list was the WiFi packing up (47 percent), while the nightmare of receiving and having to dispose of junk mail (44 percent) was third most annoying for people in Liverpool.

Also on the list were some more modern issues such as changing all your passwords when you get a new phone or computer, or now in 2021, going out shopping only to realise you haven’t brought a face mask (26 percent).

Liverpool's biggest hassles revealed in latest study

However, the study by webuyanycar.com found there were also more traditional hassles, such as trying to sell your car (21%) and finding a parking spot on a busy road (34%).

The study found that when it came to how to avoid bother, over half of Liverpudlians believe that the best way is to not try and do everything by yourself (57 percent), know how to prioritise tasks (41 percent) and keep organised with diaries and to-do lists (38 percent).

However, 3 percent reckon they could only avoid nuisances by hiring a butler. 

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar.com said: 

“This research reveals a host of modern and more longstanding life hassles that Brits have to endure and it’s interesting to see that 60 percent of people think some of the hassles in our lives are partly due to the fact that we’re all so busy.

“We may not be able to provide everyone a butler or help you to park on a busy road, but we can certainly take the hassle out of selling your car. We know how time consuming and challenging selling a car can be, but it doesn’t have to be a drain on your time – you can start the process with a valuation from webuyanycar.com in less than 60 seconds and even sell to us the same day.’’ 

Family life is – unsurprisingly – rife with small hassles, according to the data, with being kept awake by your partner’s snoring (8 percent), your kids refusing to eat dinner (10 percent), and your other half leaving your car’s fuel tank empty (5 percent) all ranked as daily hassles. 

Irritations such as forgetting to bring a pound coin for a trolley (31 percent), getting stuck with a chatty person when you’re running late (15 percent), cleaning the oven (15 percent) and the nightmare reveal of shaking out clothes after a tissue in a pocket disintegrated in the washing machine (13 percent), also featured high on the list for Liverpool respondents.

In fact, 34 percent of Liverpudlians say that they are ground down by life’s little hassles. And 32 percent of us say we can get completely overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life. The research also found that a massive 89 percent of people from Liverpool say modern life has more hassles than ever.

According to the survey, hassles are rife in the daily lives of those from Liverpool because “everyone is so busy” (57 percent), and you can never switch off (51 percent). 

Yet sometimes the stress is caused by other people, with over a third of Liverpudlians (37 percent) saying that they have a friend, colleague or family member who is a constant hassle. 

However, “keep positive” was the message from respondents from Liverpool, finding that if they had any advice for people who are undergoing hassle, it would be to “keep the big picture in perspective”. 

Webuyanycar.com has over 400 branches nationwide, with three in Liverpool, including Liverpool Great Howard Street, Liverpool Bootle and Birkenhead.


1Waiting in for a delivery that doesn’t arrive55%
2Your wifi packing up47%
3Receiving and having to get rid of junk mail44%
4Finding a parking spot on a busy road34%
5Getting dog poo off your shoe34%
6Forgetting to bring a pound coin for a trolley31%
7Changing all your passwords when you get a new phone or computer26%
8Going out shopping only to realise you haven’t brought a face mask26%
9Trying to sell your car21%
11Finding the right change for a parking meter18%
12Cleaning the oven15%
13Doing housework15%
14Getting stuck with a chatty person when you’re running late15%
15Forgetting to take out the bins13%
16Shaking out clothes after a tissue in a pocked disintegrated in the wash13%
17Mowing the lawn13%
18Not being able to find your car keys13%
19Having to take a phone call when you’re on the loo10%
20Losing your mobile in the house and it’s on mute10%
21Your kids telling you they don’t like what you’ve made for dinner10%
22Realising you don’t have your wallet/purse when you get to the checkout10%
23Washing up a sieve7%
24Taking out the bins7%
25Taking your car for a MOT7%
26Someone stealing your regular parking spot7%
27Having to get up in the morning when it’s still dark outside7%
28Your partner snoring at night7%
29Background noise when you’re trying to do a conference call from home7%
30Cleaning the toilet5%
31Your partner using the car and leaving the tank empty5%
32Realising you have no petrol when you’re already running late5%
33Your kids getting up too early at the weekend3%
34Sorting your recycling3%
35Your kids telling you they’re bored3%
36Making beds3%
37Making a cup of coffee or tea then realising you have no milk3%
38Having to get up in the morning for work3%
39Having to get a stone out of your shoe3%
40Having to reload the dishwasher as someone has loaded it wrong0%

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