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Morpho Healing Hub wellbeing centre set up by suicide survivor to help others

Zarra Johnson, a suicide survivor has set up a wellbeing hub in Rock Ferry, Wirral, to help others the same way she healed herself. 

Zarra suffered from chronic anxiety, depression and PTSD that resulted in breakdowns and an overdose but after healing herself she now aims to treat and empower others through her new concept, Morpho Healing Hub.

After suffering from years of troubles including abuse, post natal depression, anxiety, PTSD, homelessness and self sabotage, Zarra attempted to take her own life in 2013. Realising the severity of her situation and determined to fight for her daughter’s sake, she took herself on a journey of healing — starting with reiki and the law of attraction. Despite this, she still couldn’t let go of her past and had another big breakdown in 2018.

Morpho Healing Hub wellbeing centre set up by suicide survivor to help others

Zarra explained: 

“I’ve been through a lot and in the really dark times I felt so worthless. I felt like my daughter and everyone else would be better off without me. My healing process has been a long journey but things really changed for me after my breakdown in 2018. It ended up being my big breakthrough was working with my counsellor on hypnotherapy and NLP techniques for my PTSD and everything just clicked.”

After working with her counsellor, Zarra began to learn more about the things that helped completely change her outlook. Realising that she now had the tools to help and heal herself, she set out on a mission to empower others to help and heal themselves too. Now a Reiki Master and qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy, breathwork, beauty and massage, she has opened Morpho Healing Hub.

Zarra explained: 

“I have come from a really dark place and was on and off medication but once I developed the tools to heal myself I realised the possibility of empowering others to do the same. The idea of Morpho is to create a hub where different practitioners can offer people treatments — from beauty, massage and sports therapy to reiki, hypnotherapy and workshops.”

Morpho Healing Hub wellbeing centre set up by suicide survivor to help others

She continued:

“During my times of darkness I came to realise that there were many great things out there for me but all in different places. It has since been my dream to create a special place where all the things I once needed are all under one roof and with Morpho I have finally achieved that. Whether you’re in a dark place or not, there’s a wellbeing or beauty treatment for everyone.”

Morpho Healing Hub has opened on Well Lane in Rock Ferry, Wirral, and offers a wide range of treatments and services. Zarra offers reiki, NLP, hypnotherapy, massage and beauty treatments that have a healing aspect, whilst the other therapists offer everything from sports massage to kambo. The new centre will also have ceremonies and workshops on things such as the law of attraction, inner child and mindset.

With a mantra of ‘release, re-programme, re-ignite’, the idea of Morpho Healing Hub is to educate and empower people as well as treating them, therefore giving them the tools to create a life of emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. The centre is open and accessible for all and there is also a men’s mental health advocate on site — Leigh Foley, who has also healed himself after being on a dark path of addiction and self destruction.

Zarra explained: 

“Ever since I turned my life around it has been my dream to set up something like this, but when the property became available I jumped at it and it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind. We have an open day on 14th August from 12pm with all sorts going on and giveaways, then we open 7 days a week. We have an amazing team of fully qualified practitioners and something for everyone.”

She summarised: 

“At Morpho Healing Hub, even if someone just wants to come in for a facial or massage, it’s done with a healing aspect — talking and releasing blocked and bad energy. We’re living in a time where most of us are suffering to an extent, especially after the past year, so places like Morpho Healing Hub aim to bridge the gap and offer people that safe haven where they can grow. I’m really excited about helping many people.”

Morpho Healing Hub is now open 7 days a week, offering a wide range of beauty and wellbeing treatments including reiki, life coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, kambo, quantum healing, counselling, sports massage, meditation, breathwork, men’s mental health, workshops, circles, holistic therapies and more. Certain treatments such as counselling, life coaching and hypnotherapy are also accessible online and via Zoom.

Morpho Healing Hub / 7a Well Lane, Rock Ferry, Wirral, CH42 4QQ / 07904192363

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