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New campaign launches in Liverpool to celebrate children and young people across the city who are making a difference in their communities

A new campaign launches in Liverpool that will celebrate the children and young people across the city who are making a difference in their communities.

#LiveLifeLoveLiverpool will shine a light on the incredible work that young people have committed to in their own time and will also mark their achievements outside of the classroom, including the positive, everyday differences they make to the people around them. 

The campaign kicks off by highlighting the city’s team of Young Inspectors, a group of young people aged from eight to 14 who volunteer their time to make sure that services and events in the city respect and support young people.

The Young Inspectors are all trained to be quality assessors, carrying out “mystery shopping” exercises and  interviewing service users and staff so that improvements can be made. Recent successes have included inspecting a young person’s rave and welcoming their counterparts from Birmingham Youth Voice as part of exchange visits around the cities hosting the Commonwealth Games and the World Gymnastics Championships – WGC2022 – later this year. In Liverpool, the Young Inspectors are supporting the WGC2022 team as part of a youth board to make sure that children and young people are engaged in the event.

The Young Inspectors are based at the Unity Youth and Community Centre and at Sports Alive in Everton and Fazakerley, and are looking to increase their numbers post-pandemic. There are also plans are for the team to offer their expertise more widely to businesses in Liverpool and this summer they will be supporting events across the city.

But we also want to hear from you – do you work or volunteer with children and young people who #LiveLifeLoveLiverpool? From sports to the environment, from arts to reducing anti-social behaviour and campaigning on social issues, please tell us about the community-changing work that young people are doing. 

Cllr Tom Logan, cabinet member for Education and Skills, said: 

“#LiveLifeLoveLiverpool is about giving young people in our city the credit they deserve for making Liverpool a better place.

“There are groups that encourage young people to get involved all across the city – and we want to hear from you. We also want to hear about the young people who are the unsung heroes where they live – whose everyday commitment makes a difference but so often goes unnoticed.

“How are young people engaging with their communities? How are you supporting young people to be the best that they can be? Please let us know!”

Faith Andrews, youth worker, from Liverpool City Council, who co-ordinates the Young Inspectorssaid:

“We have big plans for the Young Inspectors now that we are allowed to get out and about again and we definitely want more young people to get involved.

“The group is all about ensuring that services, businesses and events respect young people and they will have different expectations from people who are older.

“The Young Inspectors take on a lot of responsibility and deliver every single time. I’m always impressed with how they approach the tasks they take on – they work hard but they have a lot of fun too.”

Email newscentre@liverpool.gov.uk with “#LiveLifeLoveLiverpool” in the subject line.

Young people who would like to become involved with the Young Inspectors can contact youth worker Faith Andrews at faith.andrews@liverpool.gov.uk

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