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New men’s mental hub opens in Walton

After almost a year of fundraising efforts, Inner Guru’s ‘The Hub’ has opened on Parkinson Road in Walton.

With mental health issues and suicides on the rise and the NHS waiting list often months long, the new men’s mental health hub aims to bridge the gap and help prevent a crisis with early intervention.

After a successful open day on Saturday 25th March 2022, that featured cold water therapy, practises and talks from therapists, suicide survivors and inspirational figures such as Speedo Mick, the centre is now open to help Merseyside men. With males accounting for a shocking 75% of suicides in the UK, ‘The Hub’ offers a safe, non-clinical space in which men can reach out and connect with others.

New men's mental hub opens in Walton

‘The Hub’ offers coffee mornings, sharing circles, walking groups and self development courses for men in order to increase their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as having a gym, a sauna and cold water therapy. The new centre will have various groups based there such as Walk & Talk Photography Group from Rob Collier who attempted to take his own life in November 2021.

‘The Hub’ is actively looking for practitioners, groups and organisations to be based there — offering itself out as a safe space in which people can host events, groups and individual sessions. In addition to an events space, a sauna, gym facilities and cold water therapy, there’s also a private consultation room.

There will be self development courses on offer courtesy of Paul Garrigan’s PACT Mantality, Usman Ali’s SLF Mastery, Kev Deaves (The Mind Shaman) and Sarah-Louise Gustafson’s A UR TISTIC. Thanks to funding available and a zip wire event at Goodison Park, Sarah-Louise’s courses are offering free spaces to men to help them through things such as creativity, expressing emotions, coping strategies, mindset reset and more.

New men's mental hub opens in Walton

One of the regular weekly events at the centre is the ‘4 Elements’ sessions every Wednesday from 8am until 9.30am — featuring Fire (sauna), Air (breathwork), Water (cold water therapy) and Earth (exercise). Thanks to the zip wire fundraising event at Goodison Park, there are also two free places available for people each week.

Founder, Lewis Powell of Inner Guru CIC, said: 

“I set up Inner Guru wellbeing centre in May 2020 with the aim of increasing mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in the Liverpool region when it’s most needed. It’s been an amazing journey however we came to realise that often men don’t feel like they can reach out or come to such places.”

He continued: “A few of us decided to create a hub where men can come and talk to other men in a non clinical environment, with some amazing therapies and courses on offer to help them find themselves again. We have a team of amazing people who offer great classes and courses and it feels great to finally open after ongoing fundraising efforts by many people. It’s been a tremendous team effort for almost a year!”

Inner Guru’s ‘The Hub’ has opened thanks to sustained efforts from the Inner Guru community and beyond — with people doing 3 Peaks Challenges, marathons, bike rides, music events and more to help get the centre open. Carena Duffy from Everton FC was particularly instrumental and a grant from The National Lottery proved crucial in getting it over the line.

Nathan Dunne, who is about to attempt the world record for barefoot walking to raise awareness for mental health, said: 

“Back in September 2021 I was standing on a bridge ready to jump. When I went to the NHS there was a waiting list of 15 weeks to see someone and fortunately I could afford a private counsellor — god knows where I’d be if I didn’t!”

He continued: “I attended the open day for this amazing new centre and it’s so refreshing to see so many great people coming together to bridge the gap and offer support to those who need it. I’m lucky that I have been able to afford counselling but there are many who can’t, so having somewhere like this can literally save lives.”

‘The Hub’ is now open, located on Parkinson Road just off Rice Lane in Walton, and offers a safe space for men to come and share with others. Details of what’s on, including coffee mornings, sharing circles, walking groups, self development courses, cold water therapy and more can be found on the Inner Guru Facebook page.

Images courtesy of Rob Collier from Shootin It Photography

Inner Guru’s The Hub / Parkinson Road, Walton, L9 1DL / 07482871127

For info about courses and what’s on visit the WEBSITE

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