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New Murder Mystery Show coming to Liverpool

A first of its kind murder mystery show, Murder at Cadberry Manor, is coming to Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool this May.

The show is a hilarious and ingenious murder mystery play that will feature interactive features such as unique QR codes that enable the audience to vote who they think the killer is at points during the show.

New Murder Mystery Show coming to Liverpool

The new, forward-thinking production company, 4AM Productions, is bringing the Mike Bell written concept to Liverpool. You can anticipate a wide range of quirky and eccentric characters as well as a laugh every minute as the plot thickens and the large, diverse cast of local acting talent.

The play, which was adapted by Sab Muthusamy and directed by Phil Halfpenny, tells the tale of a gala dinner at a country manor where a murderer poisons the guests. The characters, like Detective Hari Bo and Sir Toby LeRone, are interestingly named after chocolates and sweets, and the script is sharp, witty, and fun.

Murder At Cadberry Manor is the second production from 4AM Productions — after a sell-out debut at The Hope Street Theatre in 2022. 4AM Productions is a forward thinking concept founded by Sab Muthusamy built on diversity and inclusion that aims to give people a chance and showcase a wide range of acting talent from different backgrounds.

Founder Sab Muthusamy said: 

“I founded 4AM Productions in response to the lack of opportunity and diversity in the creative arts, after experiencing a very toxic and clicky theatre scene in London. Fortunately, the Liverpool scene is much more accepting and there’s no better place to start a production company like this.”

He continued: 

“We’re very progressive and believe that people from all backgrounds and walks of life can bring something unique to the table. Our first production was a major success, proving that diversity can work really well in theatre, and Murder At Cadberry Manor will feature no less than 15 actors — each with their own personalities.”

Murder At Cadberry Manor is set to be a blockbuster production and one of the most entertaining and interactive shows in Liverpool this year. The diverse cast features a range of talented actors from different ethnic backgrounds and some who have faced rejection, anxiety and conditions such as autism.

Actor and singer Lily Almond, who is starring in the show, said: 

“It’s been so refreshing to work with 4AM Productions and it’s been interesting to be part of a big diverse cast. The whole process has been really fun and we’ve all learnt a lot from each other — 4AM Productions is very special and great for the local theatre scene.”

Rafaela, who plays Detective Hari Bo, said: 

“I was a big child star on television in Portugal and also featured in Game Of Thrones and on The Disney Channel as a teen. I ended up working in hospitality and life took over but I have found myself again with 4AM Productions and they’ve been so encouraging — they even changed the character’s name from Harry to Hari for me.”

The cast also features actor Sean Campbell (Louis Pastille) who has autism and Tristan Harper (Friar Tuckshop) who has suffered from anxiety yet found his acting confidence through 4AM Productions. Director Phil Halfpenny, who has years of experience working on murder mystery shows, has enjoyed working with such a diverse cast.

Phil said: 

“With it being such a big cast, it’s been challenging getting everyone together at the same time for rehearsals but it’s been so much fun working with different people. This play is going to be so entertaining and it’s a pleasure to be working with so many wonderful people, all with their own styles and personalities.”

The first two nights of the production have already sold out well in advance, therefore another full sell-out over three nights is expected. Considering that the show is on during Eurovision, it’s an incredible achievement and testament to how popular 4AM Productions has become.

Murder At Cadberry Manor is coming to Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool on 11th, 12th and 13th May 2023. The show is a sharp, funny and highly entertaining murder mystery — interactive and with an interactive QR code voting system at points during the performance.

Murder At Cadberry Manor

Hope Street Theatre, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BY

11th, 12th & 13th May 2023, 7.30pm

Tickets are just £11.25 and can be booked here.

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