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New Year’s Resolutions You Should Actually Be Able To Keep

This year. THIS is the year you’ll set those goals that you absolutely, 100% will stick to. Definitely.

This year we’re all going to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions and by 2020 Liverpool will be flooded with bi-lingual, instrument playing, super fit non smokers. Or not? By February, the chances are your aim to go the gym every morning before work instead of going to grab a Maccies breakfast will be a shameful, distant memory. Either way, we can still have a tiny bit of faith in ourselves, so we’ve tried to make actually succeeding a little easier for you.


Getting that summer body is always on everyone’s list, but the idea of going to the gym is a little daunting for most of us, so why not try something a little different?

Pole dancing classes are an amazing way of exercising while having a bit of fun as well, it’s great for burning calories, increasing flexibility, over all muscle tone and of course a little confidence boost! Try out Ioisis Pole Dancing on Hanover Street.

Drink Less

Probably the quickest of all the resolutions to be failed, but to help aid your dry January maybe a visit to the Brink should be on the cards.

The Brink is a dry bar on Parr Street, it’s a perfectly relaxed atmosphere great for catching up with friends in the new year!  There’s also fresh food served daily and afternoon tea.

Laugh More

Liverpool is undoubtedly not short of talented comedians, we definitely recommend a visit to the Hot Water Comedy Club if you’ve not already been!  Jason Manford, Rhod Gilbert and Nish Kumar are all scheduled to play gigs this 2019 – to name but a few!  The Scouse Cinderella at The Royal Court is also playing through into the new year too!


Being less stressed is everyone’s dream really isn’t it? So taking regular trips to the spa or a night away in a hotel will definitely help!

Portland Hall Spa are currently offering a spa package for two with treatments for £69 on our offers page.

Learn an Instrument

Have you found yourself watching the X Factor and saying to yourself ‘I could probably do a better job?’ .  Liverpool has a handful of great choices to learn an instrument or take singing lessons – so what’s your excuse really?! With places like the Prelude School of music, curly music school and Liverpool Media Academy you’re not short of options.

Learn a Language

Another one that has been on everyone’s list at least once! There are private tutors all over the city looking to teach people a new language!  There’s also places like LILA and The Language House if you’re extra determined this year.

Go Out More

Of course, this might seem like a fairly obvious one but it’s also one that can be forgotten about quite easily!  It’s definitely important to take time out of your busy schedule to attend more shows in the arena, going to more music gigs, socialise with friends or try some amazing new food around the city!

We have a plethora of blog posts dedicated to amazing places you can grab food or drink, and our events section is full of events you can attend!

Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation services are now held by Smoke Free Liverpool, taking over Roy Castle’s Fagends. They offer face to face support, group sessions, free nicotine replacements, access to the wellness of wheels vehicle and so on.

There are also so many new vape and e-cigarette shops opening up across the city to help make that transition to a smoke free life a little bit easier!

Help Others

Any time of year is a good time to start being a little bit more giving, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities across the city if that’s something you’re looking for. We also have a blog post on ways you can help the homeless this Christmas.

Dogs Trust are also always looking for volunteers to walk the dogs!

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