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Northern Lights could be visible in UK tonight

Once more, tonight, a lot of the UK may see the Northern Lights. Aurora Watch UK scientists have issued a red alert, indicating that this Saturday, May 18, we may witness the amazing displays once more.

Solar radiation crashed into Earth’s atmosphere last week, forming shimmering sheets of green, pink, and purple light in the night sky that was visible across the country.

A “large, complex” sunspot cluster 17 times the earth’s diameter has created a G5 geomagnetic storm, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We have not seen a solar storm this powerful in more than 20 years.

Although the BBC says another solar explosion is anticipated in two weeks when the sunspot that produced the Northern Lights rotates back towards Earth, tonight may be the last show of the current storm.

The Met Office space weather unit said:

“Enhancement to the aurora is likely into early May 18. The aurora may become visible as far south as parts of Scotland where skies are clear. Mainly background aurora conditions are expected thereafter.”

Wales Online reports that the sun is approaching what is known as a “solar maximum,” a point during an 11-year cycle when its activity is strongest.

Usually, the early morning hours are when the storms are the most visible. Even though you can see them at any time of day when the sky is dark, the best time to see them is between 2 and 3 in the morning. Using your camera in night mode will produce the best photos.


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