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REVIEW: A night of Music & Poetry at the Everyman Theatre

Mellowtone Records & the Everyman theatre hosted a night of Music & Poetry on Thursday 8th September. A review by Naithan Coughlan.

“The event itself captured the meaning of what it meant to listen and appreciate mellow music.”

Mellowtone records have been providing the Liverpool music scene with exceptional music for over 15 years, the night at the Everyman theatre underground was no different, with the performances of three brilliant acts invited to perform on Mellowtones’ behalf. They showed the audience varied performances from spoken word to epic band music. The night came out on top with Mellowtone proving once again its nights are a proven success upon the Liverpool streets.

Hosted in the Everyman theatre, beknown to any local scouser as a baptismal point of great performing arts the artists lived up to the elevated expectations the place holds in varying ways. With the secluded underground atmosphere pressing itself onto us the night felt even more special as the crowd started to draw in and the attention fell towards the stage.

The event itself captured the meaning of what it meant to listen and appreciate mellow music. Hosted by Dave McTague owner of Mellowtone records, who introduced each act and showed his gratitude to the audience for coming down was well received and this positive attitude was carried on through each of the acts.

First up was Richard Granfallon who performed a solo set of his own works created in 2014. Richard engaged the audience with his realism style of lyrics accompanied with an elegant melody from an acoustic guitar. Which he stated, “is like a double-sided coin” for him his lyrics are real towards himself and the nature of how he performs “allows him to express how he feels.” His musical warmup really set the mood for the night to come. With his “non-traditional narratives” he presents beautiful moments in peculiar stories like mathematical equations and children catching bees.

As the second act Dorcas came to stage, the audience fell silent to appreciate her poetry on many personal topics of her own, like poems about Congo her birthplace where she spoke passionately of her culture and her pride that comes from it. She also spoke of topics we could all relate to like family and current affairs in society a “key theme in her poetry.” She recently performed for Nelson Mandela’s family on their visit to Liverpool, further emphasizing her popularity in cultural poetry and appreciation for her immense talent. Her performance received a heartfelt ovation that was well deserved and Mellowtones goal of showing great poetry that night was achieved.

The headline of the night Dan Wilson and the Counterfactuals promoted the true meaning of mellow music. With their extraordinary variety of instruments all pressing through their own sound barrier to present bliss harmony for the listeners to ravish in as they left the room with friends and family with grins on their face and melodies being hummed in their minds. The band acted as the perfect embodiment for classic rock music so that those whose faith in the greatest music was dwindling, it was surely revived that night. Dan spoke of his influence through artists like “Zapper, Dylan and the Beatles” and it is clear to hear their profound influence shine through of his own music, leaving the audience hearing a sense of familiarity while also listening to new iconic music. The Counterfactuals performance really highlighted the look of Mellowtone and how they see their own music. It was something for everyone to enjoy while also leaving a desire to listen to more of their music.

Mellowtone music really showed what they were all about when inviting these wonderful artists to set the audience minds at ease as they tuned out the real world to relax to some great tunes and poems. The night was a hit with all who attended which further strengthened the record companies’ reputation as a great centre point for new easy music


With thanks to Dave McTague & Mellowtone


Naithan Coughlan

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