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Scousers Abroad: Sarah Frances Cannon – Turin, Italy


In the fifth edition in our Scousers Abroad series we spoke to Sarah Frances Cannon, aged 51, who is now living in Sauze d’Oulx a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy.

Scousers Abroad: Sarah Frances Cannon - Turin, Italy

What area of Liverpool are you previously from?

I’m originally from Halewood.

What made you choose to move overseas and what made you choose your current location?

I moved away from Liverpool initially to do one winter ski season. I followed two of my cousins (also scousers) who had stumbled upon this gorgeous village in the 80’s and opened businesses. Within a very few days I met my future husband, this was the last thing I was looking for as I was only 18.

We are still going strong and still living in the small beautiful mountain village known as Sauze d’Oulx all these years later.

How long ago did you leave Liverpool?

I moved to northern Italy in 1987 then permanently in 1992 the year I got married.

What do you miss most about the city?

I do miss Liverpool, home, family and the scouse accent especially during these difficult times.

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words to the people of where you live now what would they be?

Kind, funny and warm.

Would you ever move back to Liverpool?

I wouldn’t rule it out but I’m happy where I am and would miss the mountains.

If you could bring a piece of Liverpool with you to your current location what would it be?

My family and the smell of the Mersey 😩

Do you or someone you know who is a scouser that has moved abroad and want to feature in our Scousers Abroad series? Contact us now by emailing hello@explore-liverpool.com or get us on WhatsApp on 07568 532 537

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