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Scousers in a Van

Life is about adventures, seeing the world and different destinations along the way. Sharing their journey across the different locations via social media, is Mick and Kennedy AKA Scousers in a Van.

Mick and Kennedy are aiming to inspire others to get out in the great outdoors, showing there are cheaper alternatives to holidays as well as the benefits of living in the great outdoors.

Scousers in a Van

The adventure first began two years ago, when the wanderlust couple set off in their self-converted Volkswagen T5, with visions of traveling around the world with a few laughs thrown in along the way.

Since the start of their journey they’ve never looked back, meeting some amazing people along the way, with some who have lived in there campers over 20+ years as well as inspiring others that much they now own campervans of their own.

Scousers in a Van

Mick tells us:

“Not only is the van life community a great thing to be part of, it’s the waking up to different views, meeting new people and having a laugh on the way.

It’s also helped us each individually with our own personal issues and helped us grow into the people we are today. The outdoors helps with anxiety and stress. Being at one with nature, not many people about, feeling free and breathing in the fresh air with breath taking views makes you feel at peace.”

Scousers in a Van

“Then the other personal issue we had was materialistic things. When living in such a small space you realise you don’t need all the baggage you own. Half of the things we’ve put in the van have now giving to charity, not only is it less things in the way of such a small space we live in it makes you appreciate the things you actually own and you no longer take things for granted anymore!”

The life they live on the road is something close to both of their hearts, inspiring them to build the @scousersinavan account page to inspire people, help people, give advice and much more.

Most importantly the page is an no hold bars, opening the doors to Mick and Kennedy’s crazy life they live and letting you all in to experience, while the duo represent Liverpool/scousers which ever path they travel.

To follow their travels follow @scousersinavan

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