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Sefton In Mind campaign launched to support positive mental health and wellbeing

The power of hope in action and the need for connection and communication has been more vital than ever. Friday 10th September was World Suicide Prevention Day and the start of the annual Sefton In Mind campaign.

This year’s theme is reflection – encouraging everyone to remember our role in growing positive mental health and wellbeing, and highlighting the importance of communities working together to help people through what has been exceptionally difficult time.

The global pandemic has impacted all areas of our lives including our mental health, which may continue for years to come. With many aspects of life returning to their pre-pandemic state – some people may find the lifting of restrictions and opening up of other areas of life hard to navigate.

Sefton In Mind campaign launched to support positive mental health and wellbeing
Jan Campbell, Health and Social Care Officer at Sefton CVS said:

“Reflection is an important process in helping us to develop a deeper understanding of why we feel what we feel. Through this process we learn and grow stronger. If we all take time to reflect on what we can do as individuals for your own wellbeing or to help others, that could make a huge difference. Suicide is preventable and small actions, like just asking “how are you?“ can make a big difference. Supporting activity in your local community is a great way of help others. There are many opportunities available throughout Sefton to get involved in activities that support people who are currently struggling.”

Health partners in Sefton have witnessed a considerable rise in demand for early intervention and prevention services – but we still have some way to go. 

A local person who had attempted to take their own life said:

“It’s not always easy, particularly if you feel you reached a point where hope has dissolved and lost its past meaning.  So, I do a few things when I’m not feeling hope which helps me turn that corner and starts chipping away at that dark cloud overhead.”

Helping your local community and exploring the mental health services available to everyone is a good way of safeguarding your mental health and that of those people you care about.

Practical ways to boost your mood:

  • Physical Exercise. However you’re feeling inside, any form of physical exercise that you are able to do (taking yourself out for a walk) will release  endorphins – energising both the brain and the body.  
  • Identify your triggers: Is there something in your current lifestyle that is adding to your low mood? Think about your diet, sleep patterns or alcohol consumption –  these can all have an impact on your mood.
  • Get a sleep routine: There are lots of relaxation apps to help you cultivate good sleeping habits – limiting your phone time before bed can help with sleeping patterns
  • Be solution-focused: If something is bothering you – ask yourself what can be done about it? Do you need any help in making those changes?
  • Talk to someone: Even if you don’t feel you can share with family or friends, there is always someone to talk to, a number to call

Taking any of these small steps will have a positive impact on your mental health.

Dr Rory McGill, Consultant in Public Health, said:

“Sefton in Mind this year emphasises the importance of connecting with ourselves. The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for everyone, so it is important that we take time to reflect on our own mental health and how much we have all endured and come together in Sefton to support each other through such unprecedented times.” 

For more information about local support please visit https://directory.seftoncvs.org.uk/

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