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The Book Fairies Liverpool

The book fairies, the worldwide organisation devoted to sharing books has been working a little magic in Liverpool for the past six months.  We spoke with Liverpool’s Official Book Fairy on why she got involved, “For me, I see it as a random act of kindness – the whole organisation is almost a way of connecting people from all over the world with just one act.”

Based in London, the founder, Cordelia Oxley, was inspired to take her work for Books on the Underground international (this was a London based programme that involved leaving books for travellers on public transport to encourage reading).  With a little help with actress Emma Watson, who helped launch the programme back in March 2017 for international Women’s Day, it’s really taken off and is being celebrated all around the globe.   It has also been hugely popular with other celebrities and independent authors and publishers who promote their books by scattering them around the city.

What Exactly Do They Do?

A simple but brilliant concept, they leave behind books for others to find, giving them a new lease of life.  Obviously, the idea is if you find a book, read it and then again leave it for someone else to read!

Hide the book where it is visible enough to be found, keep an eye out for the telltale green and white sticker that should be sitting on the front.

How Do You Become A Book Fairy?

This part is easy – just go onto their website and purchase a few stickers from their shop (they also currently have limited edition tote bags with £1 going towards a charity dedicated to improving literacy skills in areas of the world that need it).  Then that’s it, put the sticker on any book you want to share and leave it somewhere around the city!  Don’t forget to take a picture and tag them on Instagram @bookfairies_liverpool @bookfairiesworldwide

It’s pretty small in Liverpool at the minute, but with help from other Book Fairies from around the world who have been leaving their mark by placing books in places like Lime Street Station and The World Museum we’re hoping to spread the message and encourage a few of you to get involved!

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