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The European Super League: the farcical lifeless beginning of the end for the sport so many of us cherish

Explore Liverpool Sports Journalist Elliot Thompson airs his thoughts on the latest news on the European Super League…

Football fans carry this sport they have done and always will do.

Late last night owners of 12 football clubs around Europe showed they do not care if their stadiums stay empty for the foreseeable future, as long as they can get as much money as they can.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus are the 12 sides who have been signed up for it by their despicable owners.

Let’s make this clear, the owners have signed up for it not the clubs, not the players, not the managers and certainly not the fans.

The European Super League: the farcical lifeless beginning of the end for the sport so many of us cherish

This is the most self-serving act football will ever see if you don’t think it is in the official European Super League statement they admitted they’d give themselves £3.5 billion pound each “solely to support their infrastructure investment plans and to offset the impact of the COVID pandemic.”

Using a global pandemic as an excuse to fund themselves when clubs lower down all over the world have had to collapse whilst no help has been offered to them.


The knock-on effects that this ludicrous project set up by the rich to make themselves richer will be huge.

At this current moment in time this will start a war within football with UEFA and that has already begun.

As teams have been threatened with expulsion from their own domestic league and UEFA European competitions.

Players who compete in the Super  league have been threatened with expulsion from any international tournaments.

So that leaves every domestic league without the powerhouses of their division, it leaves the European competitions without the teams that make it so special.

That is why these 12 sides have done it, as they have all the leverage, they have all the power. 

The Domestic leagues needs the teams more then the owners need the place in the domestic league and the same goes for the Champions League.

Television rights prices will rocket down hence why UEFA have shamelessly acted fast against this super league.

I say shamelessly as there is no good guys involved in this, everything is about money and has been forever.

Every organisation has shown their true colours here and will continue to do so.

Fans are nothing in this sport anymore is the grim thing we have all learnt from this.

In the eyes of the owners they are just pound signs and that is just criminal. 

Apparently we are just known as ‘legacy fans’ now and the fans of the super league will be the ‘fans of the future.’

How can there be fans for something which isn’t a competition?

These 12 teams can never get relegated meaning there is never any failure.

The European Super League: the farcical lifeless beginning of the end for the sport so many of us cherish

Without failure there is no risk, without risk there is no reward, without reward this is no celebration, without celebration there is no fans.

It will be a lifeless pathetic  excuse of a tournament which then also rules out any chances of playing in the competitions that give fans those famous nights that get remembered forever.

Those famous nights that Liverpool supporters live for in the biggest most famous competition ever now mean nothing because of a money grabbing owner who does not have a clue about the club, the city or the people yet he thinks he can get away with it.

In the official announcement from Liverpool about the Super League no one from FSG made a statement.

Spineless bottle jobs, they know the fans will hate this and they know that even the players and Jurgen Klopp will be against it.

But guess what they don’t care.

They don’t care about losing one of the greatest managers that Liverpool football club have ever had because of a bit more money.

They don’t care about selling the soul of the club that is so many peoples livelihoods for a bit more money.

They. Do. Not. Care.

Even if they go back on this which at this current moment in time is looking unlikely they’re time is up at Liverpool.

Just like the rest of the clubs owners, fans can never ever support any of them again.

They are rotten to the core.

Football is a sport for the people, which has been stolen by the rich and at the moment is being held hostage and tortured by the filthy rich.

Whilst we just sit here unable to do anything because we, the fans, don’t have a say in anything anymore.

The beautiful game it has always been referred to.

There is nothing beautiful about this and what it will bring in the coming months.

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