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What’s new at Liverpool Beatles Museum

The Liverpool Beatles Museum has been busy over the past couple of months with new displays available to visit.

From news of Sir Paul McCartney featuring in the Dandy Comic, to exclusively commissioned Sgt Peppers suit being showcased at the venue, there’s so much going on at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

What's new at Liverpool Beatles Museum

Paul McCartney’s dream-come-true appearance in the last issue of the Dandy

Dandy cartoonist, Nigel Parkinson, was working on a new idea for his “little” series of cartoons which was to feature “Little Sir Paul McCartney”. 

Nigel remembered an interview Paul had done in 1963. In the interview McCartney revealed that to appear in the Dandy comic, which he read fervently as a child, was one of his life’s ambitions.

He set about contacting Paul and alerted him to the fact that, as the last edition of the Dandy was to be printed soon, it was Paul’s final opportunity to have his wish realised. Paul agreed to get involved and the “Little Sir Paul McCartney” story was shelved. 

On the 20th October 2022, the Liverpool Beatles Museum unveiled our newest additions – the final issue featuring Paul and the unseen storyboard for both the featured comic and Nigel’s shelved “Little Sir Paul McCartney” story. We are working on building a collection of all the comic books featuring the Beatles and this is the first step in celebrating the newest section of our museum!

What's new at Liverpool Beatles Museum

Exclusively commissioned Sgt Pepper suits go on display at the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Thanks to our North American museum ambassador Jeffrey A. Koenig we now have a set of spectacular Sgt Pepper Suits on display!

Jeff commissioned the suits and not a single detail has been missed by the creative genius that put them together. As one visitor commented – ‘’ Absolutely breathtaking’’ 

McCartney Street Sign goes on display in the museum

To celebrate Paul’s 80th Birthday in June Mathew Street temporarily changed it’s name to McCartney Street, commissioning huge new signs to display the new street name at either end of the road.

Once the month was over the Mathew Street returned, and we were delighted to be gifted the impressive street signs to commemorate the occasion and pay tribute to Paul!

For further information about all events and displays visit HERE

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