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Where to find Non-Alcoholic drinks in Liverpool

Heading to a bar, pub or restaurant can be a dull affair if you are planning on avoiding alcoholic drinks. Typically, you have a few options; soft drinks, hot drinks or water to choose from.

But this is slowly changing.

More establishments are aware of the growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks by consumers and are working hard to make a wider, more diverse range of non-alcoholic drinks available.

Whether that be an alcohol free version of your favourite beer, ‘proper’ mocktails or alternate drinks such as kombucha, there are plenty of options becoming available.

In this article, we investigate some of the establishments in Liverpool that cater to this new market – beyond that of Dry January or Sober October!

Little Taproom

Where to find Non-Alcoholic drinks in Liverpool

278 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool L17 9PJ

Not many bars would be able to survive with opening their doors for the first time one week before the first UK lockdown happened. But that’s what happened to the team at Little Taproom, yet have embraced the change in consumer habits, recently putting Big Drop’s alcohol free Pine Trail on draught as a guest brewer to coincide with Sober October.

If you are looking to cut back, or abstain completely, from alcohol without missing out on the atmosphere of your local, Little Taproom is the place to be!

Head of Steam

Where to find Non-Alcoholic drinks in Liverpool

85-89 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 3DZ

If a night out usually consists of one too many beers, looking for non-alcoholic alternatives might be for you. If so, Head of Steam on Hanover Street offers a range of bottled, canned and draught beers and radlers.


Where to find Non-Alcoholic drinks in Liverpool

54 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4ER

Based in Liverpool City Centre, Bakchich is a Lebanese and Moroccan kitchen with a French twist. As well as good food, Bakchich aims to educate and help their customers discover food culture and traditions that are typical of the Middle East. 

Strictly a dry bar, you can find a great range of non-alcoholic drinks; fresh lemonades, mocktails and fat-free frozen yoghurt smoothies. And if you really want, there’s non-alcoholic beer available too.

Be At One

Where to find Non-Alcoholic drinks in Liverpool

11-13 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AU

If you’ve ever been into Be At One, you are probably aware of the vast cocktail menu. Whilst you are spoilt for choice for cocktails made from different spirits, those of you taking a night off from the alcohol need not miss out.

With a page of their drinks menu dedicated to low and non-alcoholic cocktails, you can choose from fruit-juice based mocktails, or choose something with alcohol-free spirit alternatives such as Seedlip or Lyre’s.

The Smugglers Cove

Britannia Pavilion Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

With a name like ‘The Smugglers Cove’, you’d be right in thinking that this hideaway based on Royal Albert Dock has plenty of alcohol options. With over 150 different spirit varieties on offer, from all corners of the globe, there are plenty of alcoholic drink options available.

But what’s even better is that not all the drinks on the menu contain alcohol. Opt for an alcohol-free version of one of the popular cocktails, or choose something from the range of low and no alcohol beers list!

The Florist

24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX

With showcase cocktails, modern dining and beautiful decor, a visit to the Florist should be high up on your list of venues.

With a vast range of cocktails on offer, you can opt to pick alcohol-free versions, mocktails or alcohol-free beer. 


15 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 5QS

With a drinks menu including loads of options; from cocktails to spirits, wines and beers, it probably doesn’t come too much of a surprise to see non-alcoholic alternatives also available.

Keep a clear head with a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, or opt for a non-alcoholic beer to go with your asian-inspired meal!

Panoramic 34

West Tower, Brook Street, Liverpool, L3 9PJ

Panoramic 34 is situated on the 34th floor of the West Tower, and offers a drinking and dining experience at over 300 feet above sea level. Not only are there spectacular menus offered, but also an extensive list of non-alcoholic drinks.

Choose from a non-alcoholic cocktail such as Garden FIzz, Mersey Breeze and Tropical Twist, or take a pick of a non-alcoholic beer from the list.


St Peters Square, L1 4DQ and Unit 4M, Atlantic Pavilion Albert Dock, L3 4AE

Revolution have been long known for their extensive range of cocktails and shots. And whilst the list is as extensive as ever, the addition of booze free cocktails on the menu is something to celebrate.

Choose from drinks such as a Cucumber & Apple Cooler, Noo Woo or Tropical Fizz without the alcohol – and also the hangover the following morning!

This post was written by NoLo Beverage – a site dedicated to covering the latest industry news related to no and low alcohol drinks.

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