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World’s Strongest Nation returns to Liverpool this November

Prepare to witness the World’s Strongest Men and Women perform incredible feats of strength, such as lifting massive weights, throwing huge barrels, and even carrying cars, which you should not attempt at home.

With the rising popularity and emergence of some incredible Strongwoman talent, we’re privileged to be inviting the World’s Strongest Women to compete on the platform they truly deserve.

World's Strongest Nation returns to Liverpool this November

Once again in 2023, the Giants Live’s World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour is coming to the great city of Liverpool for the first edition of The World’s Strongest Nation- a battle between the strongest Men and Women from USA and the UK to finally decide WHO is the Strongest nation on the planet.

Giants Live (leading UK promoter of strongman and strongwoman arena shows) promoted Britain’s Strongest Woman 2023 in Doncaster this weekend where Welsh-born, Rebecca Roberts won. Rebecca was also World’s Strongest Woman in 2021. She’s had to overcome great adversity in her life, especially in the last 12 months. Sadly, her partner and trainer died suddenly at the end of 2022. Rebecca has channelled her grief into her training, so this win was another impressive achievement for her. She dedicated the win to her father who unfortunately is on end-of-life care, as she wanted to take him one last trophy. It was an incredibly emotional moment in the venue where Giants Live presenter Radzi, asked the venue to give a standing ovation for Rebecca’s father, so she could show in the clips on social media when she took the trophy to him the next morning.

Rebecca narrowly beat Lucy Underdown by 1 point on a thrilling power stairs finale. Lucy (who is a full-time police officer) beat the Women’s World Deadlift Record in early September at Giants Live World Deadlift Championships. She pulled an incredible 318kg (700lbs).

Both Lucy and Rebecca are next competing at World’s Strongest Nation – UK vs USA here at the M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool where two teams of 8 men and women (UK is being led by former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall) will compete to see if the UK can retain their title as World’s Strongest Nation.

For full event information and tickets click here.


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