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A cup final loss but 500,000 at a victory parade; a juxtaposition to show how special Liverpool Football Club is

The quadruple was the dream for Liverpool this season and it looked like it would be a reality coming into the last game of the Premier League season.

However, it ended up feeling like a kick in the teeth as Manchester City came back from two nil down in the space of five minutes against Aston Villa.

It was a demoralising day but after a day or two the focus went onto the Champions League final the following weekend.

A European Cup final of the highest magnitude is supposed to be the most prestigious, glamorous, special event in club football.

The football was quickly forgotten about, the event was non-existent, the glamour and prestige quickly diminished.

Tear gassed, pepper sprayed for no reason and crushed because of the local authorities incompetence.

People, human beings going to a football game in 2022 scared for their own well-being, scared for their safety, scared that they might lose their own life or someone they know because an organisation can’t organise.

Children in tears saying they never want to go the game again, one of the greatest days out following the club you adore ruined by UEFA’s pure stupidity and lack of care.

UEFA, they’re the richest of the rich yet they can’t ensure that innocent people going to a football game can get into the ground and instead they are in constant fear.

Serious questions need to be answered, both sets of fans had issues and French minister of sport done a pathetic press conference lying about what happened.

There is enough evidence from thousands of people to show the truth.

The football was completely overshadowed, supporters felt uneasy and even the families were at risk from the French police with Joel Matip’s brothers pregnant wife being tear gassed.

As always the Liverpool players gave their all even in tough conditions but Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was the difference with Vinicius Junior scoring the winning goal.

That wasn’t important though, supporters being as safe they possibly could have been is what was important and thankfully they were, just about.

So, a quadruple to a cup treble to a domestic double in the space of two weeks.

Still a monumental season but maybe it should have been so much more.

Either way there was a victory parade the next day through Liverpool with players and fans being not so sure about it due to the utter heartbreak of the last couple of weeks.

However, a sea of red took over the City of Liverpool yet again to have a party to show the appreciation towards the players.


The players needed the fans as much as the fans wanted to see the players.

Supporters give everything for them, and they know that, that’s why they give everything and more back.

Have you ever seen this after a champions league final loss?

Jurgen Klopp has built something that no one will ever forget and the fact he is not leaving anytime soon should have every fan absolutely buzzing.

Every supporter’s mood changed from despair to pure happiness and contentment as this club is special, this group is special and now next season can’t come quick enough.

Make sure this doesn’t pass you by, enjoy every single last second.

Take it all in, ten years ago these scenes looked a thing of the past.

They’re now very much part of the future for Liverpool.

A cup double with memories to last a lifetime.

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