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A Day in Liverpool

Liverpool is a beautiful city with great history, great food and great fun! If you’re planning a day out to Liverpool, there’s plenty to do, but getting to Liverpool Centre is the first step. If you live locally, this should be simple enough, as there are regularly scheduled buses that come at varying but always reasonable prices. If you’re crying out “Help!” because you’re coming from somewhere a little further away (like London or it’s neighbouring cities, for instance) then there’s always a train available.

There’s plenty to do in Liverpool, whether it be hanging out in the shops or checking out the restaurants, but an absolute must would be the history of Liverpool. Having two cathedrals, six museums and an uncountable number of authentic buildings, you may find it difficult to go more than five minutes without walking past a monument of world importance. But don’t worry! We can work it out.

Since it’s so easy to walk past these monuments of quintessential Liverpool history (such as the grave of Eleanor Rigby), it may be wise to book yourself onto a tour. There are many tours available across Liverpool, exploring the city’s rich history. Which tour you choose depends entirely on your interests, but if you’re not sure then I would recommend the Old Dock Tour. Lasting an hour, the Old Dock Tour explores Liverpool’s very own Albert Dock and explains the importance and ingenuity of the Docks as a construct. The two guides-who have been writing and conducting the tour for 11 years-are engaging and passionate about such a key part of not only Liverpool’s history, but the world’s history; the good and the bad.

You may be feeling a bit drained after visiting the docks, so finding somewhere to eat may well be your next priority. Yesterday I visited the highly rated pub/restaurant The Punchbowl, which lies just outside of the Dock. Maintaining the busy atmosphere of the Docks, the Punchbowl has views of the river Mersey, as well as reasonably priced food, making it a perfect stop-off before going home.

Assuming you’ve arrived in the city handish, you may have a few spare hours left before the evening. There are many recreational things to do in Liverpool generally, but focusing on Liverpool ONE specifically, there’s movies to watch in the cinema, mini-windmills to demolish in the Junkyard Golf Club, history to learn in The Beatles Museum, gardens to explore in St. James’ Cemetery, and two cathedral’s, numerous Churches worth of more things to do. Wherever you go in Liverpool, you’re bound to have a good time, so don’t stress if you’re having a hard time making your mind up. Let it be.

By Harrison Whittle

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