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Authentic Greek eatery Laros launch new dedicated vegan menu Laros Green

Laros, the authentic Greek eatery that’s located on Bold Street and is soon to open in Mossley Hill, who also has a dark kitchen in Manchester, has further expanded to launch a new dedicated vegan menu named Laros Green.

Laros Green is made up of carefully created vegan dishes that don’t contain any artificial or processed ingredients; everything is made from natural, high quality produce, echoing Laros’ main menu that contains only the highest quality ingredients where they source as much meat and dairy from Greece itself, before turning to trusted, independent suppliers for everything else.

Laros Green’s vegan ingredients have been expertly handled in-house to emulate flavours including cheese and meat with everything made fresh on-site daily.

Authentic Greek eatery Laros launch new dedicated vegan menu Laros Green

Owner Nikolaos Fylladitakis is keen to continue showcases authentic Greek dishes and produce, and traditional Greek recipes that people eat every day there including the tomato cakes and courgette fritters.

Dishes including Laros’ signature gyros are a menu staple for Laros Green, with four different filling options including their most flavoursome vegan alternative; marinated oyster mushrooms cooked in gyros spices with tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, fries and vegan tzatziki. Other gyros fillings include Revithokeftedes (chickpea fritters), Kolokithokeftedes (courgette fritters) and Ntomatokeftedes (tomato cakes).

Those dining can also try Revithokeftedes (chickpea fritters), Kolokithokeftedes (courgette fritters) and Ntomatokeftedes (tomato cakes) in one of Laros Green’s delicious vegan boxes, where they’re served with handmade Greek pita, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, fries and a vegan sauce of choice.

The Greek sauces bring an extra element to Laros Green’s menu with all five of them being made fresh daily and of all natural ingredients. Vegan tzatziki, vegan beetroot mayo, vegan mint yogurt, red pepper sauce and Tirokafteri – a popular Greek creamy cheese spread has been made vegan without any artificial cheese substitutes using cashew nuts and long horn peppers.

Authentic Greek eatery Laros launch new dedicated vegan menu Laros Green

There’s also a selection of vegan salads including the Super Salad; a true superfood salad made of beetroot, marinated chickpeas, walnuts, beetroot leaves and garlic vinaigrette, as well as their vegan Greek salad and Poltiki salad made of carrot, cabbage, red peppers, parsley and a sesame vinaigrette.

The chickpea fritters, courgette fritters and tomato cakes can all be ordered as side dishes, and there’s sweet potato and classic fries available too.

Laros’ famous Loukoumades have been made vegan too! These are a traditional Greek dessert of sweet, fluffy dough balls that are deep fried to perfection and served with a drizzle of syrup and topped with walnuts and cinnamon.

Nikolaos Fylladitakis explained:

“We’ve always had a vegan option on our main menu, but in Greece there are many dishes that are plant-based or vegetarian friendly. With more and more people taking up veganism, we wanted to better cater for all dietary requirements and expand our vegan offering to an entire menu; Laros Green. 

“In creating our vegan dishes, it was essential that Laros’ ethos was at the heart of the menu and that is fresh, high quality ingredients, carefully handled on site each day. We don’t create false meat or cheese. We utilise plant-based ingredients to create vegan variations of our favourite dishes. Everyone is more conscious of the environment today and processed vegan alternatives can be filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients are made in factories which are not always as healthy as they seem. Instead, we’re using all natural products to create truly delicious plant-based alternatives that we invite all vegans and non vegans to try! You’ll absolutely love them.”

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