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Bowring Park event draws massive success inspiring Merseyside youth

Bowring Park and Golf Course celebrated an overwhelming success at its “Get Into Golf” event, held on Thursday, July 20th.

The event, designed to coincide with the start of the British Open, provided a free opportunity to introduce Merseyside children to golf, and attracted an impressive turnout of enthusiastic youngsters eager to try the sport for the first time.

Bowring Park event draws massive success inspiring Merseyside youth

To further inspire those who took part, the Park invited Merseyside athletes, Natasha Jonas (Boxing World Champion) and Michelle Hinnigan (Former Everton Women captain) who went above and beyond to leave a lasting impression on attendees.  The pair shared their experiences, engaged in conversations with the children, posed for photos, and even took their turn at playing golf, further heightening the event’s excitement and inspirational atmosphere.

Natasha Jonas was really positive at the end of the event. She said:

“The whole event at Bowring park has been great. I’ll definitely be coming back. I’ve been able to see golf is for everyone after today. We’ve seen people of all ages, genders and abilities and it’s been a lot of fun.”

“Being able to walk around Bowring Park and interact with the kids while we were playing was really good. I think some kids here have found their hidden talents.

“I genuinely believe there’s a sport out there for everyone but sometimes you’ve got to try a few to find your one. I never intended to be a boxer… I played football and athletics, but then boxing found me, and I think events like today allow kids to find the talents they didn’t know they had. 

“There’s a big drive at the moment for female sports, and I think now is the time to open the doors to females and getting them involved.”

Bowring Park event draws massive success inspiring Merseyside youth

Chloe Clarke, Concept Director at Bowring Park, added her enthusiasm, saying:

“This was a golden opportunity for Merseyside children to embrace an active summer, discover their passion for golf, but most importantly have fun.

“We are truly delighted to have welcomed two renowned Merseyside athletes, whose presence undoubtedly motivated and connected with the young talents in attendance. Their shared experiences of trying golf, discgolf and footgolf added an extra layer of inspiration for everyone.”

Bowring Park event draws massive success inspiring Merseyside youth

The “Get Into Golf” event, held from 10 am to 1 pm, provided an excellent platform for children to explore the world of golf and discover their hidden talents.

By introducing children to the sport and providing access to renowned athletes as role models, the event sought to create a lasting influence for those who attended with Bowring Park recognising the profound impact of sport in getting people active and supporting mental health.

For more information about future events, activities or memberships at Bowring Park and Golf Course, please visit their website at here.

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