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Critically acclaimed Liverpool author to release ‘My Daddy is a Monster’ ahead of National Read A Book Day

When entrepreneur and critically acclaimed author Natalie Reeves Billing released ‘My Mummy is a Monster’ earlier this year, she knew it could be turned on its head, to discover a brand-new story from a mum’s point of view.

The book in which a young boy is convinced his mummy, wait for it, is a monster, is now being followed by ‘My Daddy is a Monster’ and will be launched today to coincide with National Read A Book Day.

Critically acclaimed Liverpool author to release ‘My Daddy is a Monster’ ahead of National Read A Book Day

Natalie explained:

“My Daddy is a Monster is part of ‘The Monstrous Me collection’ – a series of books helping children develop a sense of balance, roundedness, and wellbeing.

“Children have a lot to learn but also much to hold on to and cherish,” explains the author. It’s vital children open up about who they really are and embrace their natural gifts. On the other hand, for this to happen, parents need to stop and listen to their children before jumping to conclusions about their behaviour or decisions.

Natalie added:

“This core belief empowered me to create a series of books that wasn’t just a passive reading experience for adults and their children, but one that was multi-layered and had both people thinking hard about the other’s point of view.”

Natalie explained how the series has lots of inspiration and positive reinforcement, while also compelling children and their parents to think and consider what the other may be thinking or feeling.

“The initial book My Mummy is a Monster was received very positively and we’ve since expanded beyond books to produce gameboards and papercraft patterns that children can make monsters and masks with and can use whilst reading plus there are more books to come!”

‘My Daddy is a Monster’ is available via www.lollipoplodge.net/ 

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