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Ellis Murphy

There’s a folk rock band on their way to securing their mark on the Liverpool music scene.

Five unique individuals drawn together for their love of music have created a sound that has been attracting curious crowds from all over the city to leave their shows only to ask for when the next gig will be.

Like any true rock origin story goes these boys all met in their school uniforms in a music room one day, picked up an instrument and powered through some classic rock hits till it sounded like music.

Properly taking things seriously for the last year after being formed through the pandemic has allowed the band to perform on stage and create the music they’ve been playing around the city.

Now fully committed to making it big and proving their worth on the big stages the bands next gig takes place at District on December 8th.

Each member has their own spotlight when it comes to interesting music tastes ranging from disco bass lines, indie inspired guitar solos and virtuosic blues beats, that each implements their own taste to produce a rather spectacular sound.

The front man of the band Ellis Murphy leads the band as singer, guitarist, pianist and writer. It’s his social media you’ll be seeing all over the place anytime someone mentions to you ‘the new scouse Bob Dylan’. But his influence carries on from even more greats like Woody Guthrie, Frank Zapper along with Simon and Garfunkel. An extraordinary record collection inherited from his grandfather meant his music taste swiftly evolved into a diverse variety of music of all genres from 50s folk to 80s rock.

Lead guitarist David Keane said: “Indie rock is where I take most of my inspiration from, bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Supertramp that I’ve listened to my whole life have kept me loving and playing music as much as I do now”.

Music in the studio seems to come naturally to these lads, a song can be produced in one session and all it needs is some fine tuning to make it as a final piece.

Ellis said when asked about writing music: “I start with poetry and once I’ve got a full set of lyrics, I tend to commander cords from songs I take influence from, art plays a big part in it to, in how I come up with new ideas and work them into songs”.

The few shows these lads have done together prove the praising they’ve been getting isn’t all just smoke but actual excitement about their own talent and what’s to come. Selling out venues they weren’t confident would even prove being worthwhile has shocked themselves and their fans. Creating an atmosphere that takes the oldies back to when they first heard their favourite bands is something special, they’ve been told they can do and not many can say they have the bragging rights of greater déjà vu effects.

Ellis Murphy band – Photo via Band Library

Bass player Naithan Coughlan said: “I don’t just want to be know as the band that does covers, new music inspires me as much as old and having people my own age come up to me and say they thought my playing was ‘funky’ means so much to me. It means what I’ve been working on to keep things fresh within our music is working.”

These boys have come a long way from practicing the basics of rock and roll in a school studio to developing their wide arrays of music and using their talents to come together to play music they are passionate about.

The near future for this band holds high expectations. Cameron Jones the drummer hopes they’ll be in the studio soon getting out their music out and doing more gigs for bigger crowds.

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