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Eurovision semi-finals performances announced by the BBC

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest’s two Semi-Final live performances will feature an impressive lineup of musical talent, as the performers have been revealed by the BBC.

In addition to a host of Eurovision Song Contest legends, Ukrainian and British stars will perform at our two Semi-Final live shows in Liverpool.

The BBC has chosen an outstanding lineup of musical performances for the Semi-Finals with just a few weeks until the city welcomes the world for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in order to provide entertainment for all audiences, whether new to the Eurovision Song Contest or a longtime fan.

We will see some familiar faces – from both inside and outside the world of the Eurovision Song Contest – entertaining us on those first two nights of live shows in May, with a mixture of storytelling and celebration running through the programme of performances.

Eurovision First Semi-Final

The First Semi-Final will begin with host Julia Sanina performing a portion of “a” by her band The Hardkiss to signal the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest. This performance, which is part of an incredibly potent opening act and translates from the Ukrainian for “Lighthouse,” will represent in many ways how the UK and Ukraine are “United by Music” through hosting the 2023 Contest on behalf of the 2022 winners.

International superstar Rita Ora will perform a jaw-dropping medley of some of her biggest hits during the First Semi-Final’s interval, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, May 9. Rita, who has amassed 10 billion streams and holds the record for the most Top 10 singles by a British female artist, will also perform the world premiere of her brand-new single, Praising You, in front of millions of viewers around the world.

Alyosha, a singer from Ukraine who competed in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, will perform alongside Rebecca Ferguson, a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter from Liverpool. Alyosha, like many other Ukrainian women in 2022, was compelled to flee her home country and family in order to find safety; Alyosha will describe her own journey through a new, melancholy rendition of British musical legend Duran Duran’s Ordinary World. Alyosha and Rebecca will tell a tale of hope, bravery, and support for the people of Ukraine from all over the world. The story will be creatively led and produced by Freckled Sky and TRI Direction in collaboration with BBC Studios and UA:PBC.

Second Semi-Final

The Second Semi-Final, which will be broadcast on Thursday, May 11, will see two live interval performances. 

The documentary “Music Unites Generations” looks at how different Ukrainian generations are connected by their shared love of music. A modern montage of some of Ukraine’s most well-known songs is led by Mariya Yaremchuk, who represented Ukraine at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The work concludes with a stunning trio performance by rapper OTOY, Zlata Dziunka, 14, of Ukraine, who competed in the Junior Eurovision, and Mariya. Together, they demonstrate how music has been the light that has dispelled darkness for generations of Ukrainians.

Be Who You Wanna Be, a performance that takes place during the interval, celebrates how anyone can participate in Eurovision, regardless of who they are. Along with a group of diverse dancers, three extraordinary drag performers put on a jaw-dropping routine of high-end pop performances. They stand for the broad range of fans who enjoy participating in the Eurovision Song Contest each year, regardless of their age, nationality, or background. It will be a performance that audiences remember because of the amazing staging and medley of fantastic songs.

Soon, the guest artists for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final will be revealed.

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