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Faces behind the Business – Amy Collins – Pin Head


In the seventh edition in the Faces behind the business series we caught up with Amy Collins, aged 36, owner of Pin Head; custom pins design & supply brand.

When did you first get into the industry?

I have been selling my own designs of pins since 2015 but it was just a little side-line really, a hobby. Things really took off when I also started supplying pins for other businesses in 2017. That started off when Mattas asked me create a custom pin for them as a favour, the requests just started rolling in.

How long have you worked at Pin Head UK and what is your job role?

Pin Head is just me. A one woman operation. I sell gifts on Etsy, I supply gift shops around the city, in other more normal years I set up and sell at local makers markets, I create bespoke pin designs for different organisations for events, promotions, weddings, launch parties etc. 

What is Pin Head UK ethos?

It is my job to make life easier for businesses and individuals. The product is completely customised as is the service. I adapt to you. Anyone could go onto Alibaba and try to cut out the middle man, so to speak, so I must give value to the customer with expert advice, quality assurance and always going the extra mile. I will meet you in person or via zoom, we collaborate on projects and then I help to promote my clients via my own channels. I’ve also worked with my supplier to cut single use plastic down by 80% which another reason why people choose Pin Head. A lot of people in the city have ordered pins with me now, I need to always keep being fresh and creative.

What’s the best bit of advice you could give to anyone looking at working in your line of work?

My advice for anyone with a small business is about trying to use social media for marketing. Stop trying to work it out and beat the system/algorithm. Do YOU, enjoy making the content you want to make. There is no formula for being your unique self. Let that be one of your main selling points. 

What do you love most about Liverpool?

If you choose to get stuck in and embrace it, the sense of community within Liverpool is phenomenal. Scousers take pride in kindness. In the art and small business communities in Liverpool the connections you make are so instant, people genuinely want to know what you are about and can’t wait to jump in to tell you how they can help or who they can hook you up with from their network. 

If you could describe your business in 3 words what would they be?

Unique wearable art.

You can check out more information about Pin Head on Instagram @p.i.n.h.e.a.d

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