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Faces of Liverpool – Estelle Maher


In series two – edition seventeen of our Faces of Liverpool series we caught up with Estelle Maher, from the Wirral; an award-winning writer.

Faces of Liverpool – Estelle Maher

What do you love about Liverpool? 

The people – more than anything. They understand cryptic humour.  Your mate can give you a look and it says so much, and without words, you start laughing. I also love the way we reference things in our humour.  We can’t just say he likes wearing a hat. A scouser would say, ‘He thinks he’s Will I Am!’ without even mentioning the hat.

Name one main thing about living in Liverpool that makes you proud?

How loyal we are to our city and its people. Have you ever wondered why that lad on ‘whatever talent show’ gets to the final even though he can’t sing a note?  Because millions of scousers have been voting simply because he comes from Old Swan.

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words what would they be?

Loyal, diverse, eclectic.

Name one place in Liverpool that holds a special place in your heart?

The Slaughterhouse Pub in Fenwick Street.  I copped off with my husband in there. I also go there a lot with my family to the comedy club in the basement.

Is there anything on your ‘Bucket List’ to do in Liverpool that you’re still yet to achieve?

I still haven’t been up to the top of the Liver Building. I’ve heard it’s amazing.  I’m waiting for a clear day, so it might still be a while. 

Do you have any tales of Liverpool or claim to fame while in the city?

 I live in the house where the Brookside theme was created (and the Shake-n-Vac tune, too).

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