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Faces of Liverpool – Natalie Reeves Billing


In the tenth edition in our Faces of Liverpool series we caught up with Natalie Reeves Billing, aged 39 from Toxteth; a Children’s author and social entrepreneur.

Faces of Liverpool - Natalie Reeves Billing

What do you love about Liverpool?

I love how Liverpool finds a way to do whatever it needs to do. It takes a definite stance and goes all out for it. If opportunities are lacking for its musicians and artists, Liverpool builds an entire creative area to facilitate it. If families are going without, it rallies together and creates co-ops and food banks. Liverpool is a fighter, and no one can ever keep her down.

Name one main thing about living in Liverpool that makes you proud?

I love Liverpool’s heart. Though we face many adversities, we all try to do for each other. We share what we have. We pool together to make things right. We are vocal and driven. Old stereotypes of Liverpool drive me crazy because they couldn’t be further from the truth. We are motivated, imaginative, caring people.

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words what would they be?

Innovative, Versatile, positive

Name one place in Liverpool that holds a special place in your heart?

I adore Sefton park. Its little café in the centre owned by that dude with the ponytail. The palm house and that sense of Victorian adventure you get while eating an artisanal sandwich. The Dell, a hidden gem, complete with little waterfall and stream. Many a happy day was spent there, fishing for stickleback. The Devil’s caves surrounding it, just beside my old high school. Festivals, keep fit, cycling, picnics, feeding the ducks. What’s there not to like?

Is there anything on your ‘Bucket List’ to do in Liverpool that your still yet to achieve?

I want to go on a Shiverpool tour and see the ‘Deadhouse’ under St Nich’s, where sailors lost at sea were once placed pending identification. It was written about by the great American writer, Herman Melville, in his novel ‘Redburn’ Well worth a read, for an insight into old Liverpool.

Do you have any tales of Liverpool or claim to fame while in the city?

I remember being invited by the Galatasaray team to watch a game between them and us at Anfield many years ago. I took my sister, who is a bigger red than me. We’d vowed not to celebrate (too much) out of respect for our hosts. When the goals came in, however, that all went out the window. Needless to say, we were never invited back again.

You can check out Natalie’s latest books at www.lollipoplodge.net

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