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Faces of Liverpool – Neil Jones


In the sixth edition in our Faces of Liverpool series we caught up with Neil Jones, aged 36 from Litherland; a Football Journalist.

Faces of Liverpool - Neil Jones

What do you love about Liverpool?

An awful lot! Its geography, for starters. Never underestimate the benefit of sea air, coastline and beaches. There’s a variety to the city, and its greater region, that makes it special.

I don’t want to venture too far into stereotypes by talking about accents and clothes and senses of humour, but there is a character about a lot of people in the city, a way of looking at, and engaging with, the world which I see, hear and love. And listen, I love the fact that despite everything this city has been through, after all the s*** that’s been thrown at it, all the false narratives and downright lies that have been spoken and written about it, that in a time of need, it can be relied upon to fight and to back itself. There are some scars in this city which will never heal, but there is a strength, a resolve, a conscience and an awareness that I don’t always see elsewhere.

Name one main thing about living in Liverpool that makes you proud?

The creativity. Whether it’s art, music, poetry, drama, sport, fashion, writing, anything. There is a resourcefulness and a passion which shines through, and must never be dampened. 

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words what would they be?

Forever my home.

Name one place in Liverpool that holds a special place in your heart?

I probably should say Anfield, given my job and how much joy it has given me, but I’m going for Crosby beach. Especially given the way this year has been, I genuinely don’t know what I’d have done without it. And the dog loves it too, obviously.

Is there anything on your ‘Bucket List’ to do in Liverpool that you’re still yet to achieve?

I wouldn’t mind having a go at the half marathon in the future. I may regret that statement! 

Do you have any tales of Liverpool or claim to fame while in the city?

Fame, sadly, has always eluded me, despite auditioning for the film ‘Awaydays’ during my school days. The audition was, I must confess now, a ruse to get me out of an unwanted morning lesson, and maybe that, or my complete lack of acting ability, counted against me in the end.

Tales of Liverpool? Most of mine revolve around the weird and wonderful world of amateur football, where I help to run a team, FC Bootle. A recent favourite involves a referee without a whistle, who had to come up with a new way of giving decisions. He managed it superbly by all accounts, using…..an air horn. One can only speculate as to why there was one available, and one can only imagine how that must have looked, or rather sounded! Put it this way, I wouldn’t have wanted to be stood next to him….

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