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Female entrepreneur went viral on TikTok after launching her own brand

Bethany Wainwright, an entrepreneur from Maghull, couldn’t believe her luck when she went viral on TikTok after launching her own boob tape brand.

The 27-year-old created Boosted, a high-quality, supportive, and inclusive boob tape and accessory brand, as a side project in August 2022 after growing tired of struggling to find supportive alternatives.

Female entrepreneur went viral on TikTok after launching her own brand

Initially, Beth, who studied Fashion Promotion at University of Central Lancashire, embarked on having Boosted’s signature tape made from a factory for her own personal use before she set about creating more products that would solve the problem of wearing outfits that needed support in order to help real women, with real body shapes and types.

Beth explained:

“As a bigger busted girl myself, I’ve always struggled when wearing certain outfits as most of the time I needed a bra for support. Boob tapes I’ve tried in the past just didn’t work at all. I also found it hard to find places that sold it where you could buy the tape last minute.

“When I first started having the Boosted tape made, it was purely for me to use and wear but my best friend said to me, ‘if you’re struggling then so are so many girls just like you’ so I officially created Boosted with 80 rolls and £500 from my nana. I was so scared I’d be stuck with the stock and not sell any!”

Within two hours, Beth had sold out of her Boosted tape in all of her signature shades – Tan, Mocha, Coffee and Black – and so she got 200 rolls and launched them on TikTok Shop – a very new avenue for selling products. The rolls sold out within a week and the demand for Boosted continued to grow from there.

Within four weeks, Beth had taken on board some feedback from her customers and launched a lighter shade of boob tape called Latte.

Boosted now averages at 100+ orders a day, offers international shipping and has a white tape that’s perfect for weddings or more pale skin, Boosted Tape Removal and Body Oil, double sided body tape and a selection of nipple covers.

Beth said:

“At the time when I was starting Boosted I was a TikTok creator and a freelance marketing manager and TikTok Shop really intrigued me. Not many brands were using it and TikTok was throwing a lot of money into growing brands with coupons and free shipping. It’s a free platform so I thought I had nothing to lose. The best thing about being one of the first brands is that we have learned and developed with TikTok; we’ve watched so many webinars and been able to jump on before the hype really started.

“For me it’s always been about creating an inclusive brand; I want an honest and real community of women/men of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders. We have a big drag customer base and anyone is welcome at Boosted and TikTok allows us to communicate that message in a real way.”

Building a TikTok community of real people with real bodies, Beth knew that Boosted was becoming a bigger and more successful brand in January 2023. 

After an incredible party and festive season, the businesswoman was prepared for a much slower start to the new year but was bombarded with orders and forced to enlist the help of her mum, dad and friends to cope with the demand.

Beth added:

“Many businesses are quieter in January after everyone has splurged over Christmas but nothing could’ve prepared me for the busiest start to the year. Following that, on Ladies Day, I posted a video at Aintree Races which went viral. My phone froze because there were so many orders so I couldn’t see what was going on and we had 300 orders in that one day alone.”

Since then, Boosted has continued to go from strength to strength and now has 126,500 likes and 17,000 TikTok followers.

Beth has single handedly built Boosted, working on every aspect of the business herself from building a website to managing TikTok shop, all of Boosted’s social media channels, content, customer service and packing and posting orders.


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