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Festive fun-time day care for your furry friends at No More Kennels

One of the North West’s most popular boutique dog hotels, No More Kennels, has put together a ‘pawfect’ package to take care of your pet pooches on Christmas Day and ensure that the most magical day of the year is stress free for the whole family.

Christmas canine guests will meet ‘Santa Paws’ and enjoy a delicious specially prepared Christmas dinner before joining in the festive fun with their four legged friends as they enjoy Christmas songs and  join in with ‘Pass the Pawcel’ and ‘Musical Sits’.  Christmas Day Care guests are encouraged to join the dog  nannies and wear their Christmas Day jumpers for added festive fun.

Owner of No More Kennels and leading dog behaviourist Rebeckah Vaughan said:

“Christmas Day  can be a busy and overwhelming one for dogs and their owners.  Normal routines can be replaced with the chaos of Christmas fun and frolics and this can cause anxiety for dogs and their parents.  Booking your beloved pooch into Christmas day doggy day care can be the perfect solution to ensure that everyone has a great day and avoid any mishaps along the way.   Our environment at No More Kennels is specifically tailored to our dog’s welfare and our priority is to ensure that they have a great time with us and their four-legged friends’.

There are many reasons why dog lovers choose to put their much-loved pets into day care on Christmas Day and Rebeckah acknowledges that most dog owners do whatever is best for the dog. 

Rebeckah shares her top tips if you are spending Christmas Day at home with your pooch to avoid mishaps and ensure that a fun day is had by all the family.

1. If you are having guests on the day make sure that you remind them if your dog does is nervous of visitors, remind them to close doors behind them if they are carrying gifts to and from the car.

2. Make sure all food that is toxic to dogs is put into the cupboard out of reach and if children are eating chocolate make sure they know not to put It down on low surfaces.  It is worth noting that Christmas pudding, mince pies, grapes and dried vine fruits (currants, sultanas and raisins), onions which is in most stuffings, macadamia nuts, corn on the cob, avocado, artificial sweetener and yeast dough are all toxic to dogs and even just a small amount could prove fatal.

3. Don’t give your dog cooked bones to keep them quiet, these can splinter.  If you are locking your dog away unsupervised don’t give them any chew toys or bones to keep them occupied, these are all choking hazards.

4. Make sure any spills are cleaned up quickly.  The sweet smell of alcohol is alluring to some dogs so they will slurp up any spillages before you have even noticed.  Alcohol is toxic to dogs, even the smallest amount can cause organ failure and in some cases death.

5. Check if your favourite Christmas plants are toxic to your dog.  Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Holly, Amaryllis, Lilies, Christmas cactus, Christmas roses  and Ivy are all poisonous if ingested.

6. If you are planning a large family gathering which is growing to unsettle your dogs routine, try to take them on a long walk in the morning.  If your dog is high energy then try to tire them out for as long as possible before your guests arrive.

No More Kennels is open 365 days of the year, day Care costs £20 per dog from 7am – 6.45pm, 7 days per week.  From 22nd December – 2nd January day care costs £25 per dog.

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