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First Take Film Club – the podcast that is moving forward looking back

Film podcasts often focus on the present or the future. For every Empire Film Pod, there’s 100 fan media joints discussing the in-and-outs of Hollywood and beyond. That’s why, when first discussing the idea of a film podcast, the folks behind First Take Film Club wanted to look back, instead of forward, for inspiration.

Fueled by a desire to be a little different, and looking for a way to force each other to watch new movies, the 3 guys – Connor, Liam and Luke – decided that watching movies they’ve never seen before, then talking about them, was an original – and potentially funny – enough idea to cut through the noise.

And that’s how it started. 6 months, 22 episodes and 42 movies watched so far, First Take Film Club is starting to make a few waves in the Liverpool movie scene. Having first been contacted a few months ago by Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool, about working with them to promote new movies and events, the First Take team have their asspirations set even higher across the next few months.

“We love watching movies, we love talking about movies and we just want more people to join our stupid, and sometimes serious, conversations about films. We’ve spoken about putting together a DIY film magazine and even trying to start a film movie quiz somewhere in town, but for now we’re keen to hear what people think about the pod and to keep our chats light and lively” said Luke, the oldest and possibly least ‘filmy’ of the three.

“What’s awesome is we all cover each other’s blind spots. Connor is a huge film lover, who is into classic and arthouse as much as anyone I know. Liam is the same, but is super keen on new movies too, whereas I’m more of a new movie fan and a repeat watcher. But the fact that we’re all mates allows us to run with a few different angles and argue points in a pretty funny way – we always wanted the pod to be approachable and not too stuffy. But the more we do, the more we would love to connect with the Liverpool movie scene as a whole. Be that fans or creators or anything in between. We’d love to help promote the city we live in!”

Films and topics covered over the last 6 months include Terminator 2, Good Will Hunting, Toy Story 4, a Keanu Reaves special, a look at entry-level foreign films and an animated movie week, with Lord of the Rings specials, a Halloween Horror week and Goodfellas coming in the next few months.

With episodes released each week, First Take Film Club has no plans to slow down. So if you’re into films, now is a great time to join the club.

If you would like to discuss movies with, work with, or simply contact First Take Film Club, you can find them @FirstTakePod on Instagram and Twitter.

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