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FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Liverpool vs Chelsea – ‘It’s a bit like Christmas’

After the final whistle on Wednesday night there will be, finally, a trophy lift. Not just any trophy lift. The Premier League trophy lift. Thirty years after the last title win. It has been so long and many of us might not have even been born to witness that last triumph. But now we can revel in it. Now we can finally watch them special group of players collect their medals and see the famous Jordan Henderson shuffle. So, when Klopp says ‘It’s a bit like Christmas’ he if anything is under selling it.

It will be a special moment even though there are no fans inside to witness it but that has been known for some time so it will still be one of the greatest days of supporter’s lives. Even Jurgen Klopp said it will be one of the greatest days of his life. That is how much it means. It means so much to all of them, the players have proved time and time again they want it as much as the fans and in an interview in the build-up to the game Henderson emphasised that point by saying, ‘I promise you we will feel you with us when we lift that trophy’.

A podium on the Kop with Sir Kenny Dalglish presenting the medals. The pictures that will be taken will be iconic for the rest of time. The videos will be replayed forever and looked back on as some of the most joyous moments of players, coaches, and fans lives. It is another reason to party but party sensibly hence why Jurgen Klopp’s press conference for the Chelsea game started with the chief constable of Merseyside Police Andy Cooke.

Andy Cooke reiterated the point that the pandemic is not over and is still so very dangerous especially with mass gatherings. So, party all you want but in your own home or even possibly at a local pub if they are open. All the players have been spreading the message to, make sure you stay safe.

In the midst of all the preparation for the celebrations inside the stadium it is forgivable that some may have forgotten about the game beforehand. It will be the fourth encounter between Liverpool and Chelsea this season. Liverpool have won two in the UEFA Super Cup and the Premier League respectively whilst the game that Chelsea won was in the FA Cup. It will be huge game for Chelsea as they still need a result to confirm their place in the top four.

Liverpool can no longer get the points record and ever since the title has been won it seems that the record was not an urgent objective. No one can blame them; they have worked so hard in every game to bring such ecstasy to fans across the world. But they will want a good performance and a win to match it just before such a momentous occasion that is the trophy lift.

Jordan Henderson will be lifting the trophy on the podium even though he is injured and will miss the game. Hopefully, he will do a John Terry and have his full kit on for his shuffle just so everyone can have a little laugh about it. Klopp did not reveal too much team news other than the fact that he will not be subbing himself on of course referencing when Dalglish did back in 1990.

Therefore, it is likely that other than Henderson and Joel Matip Klopp will have his strongest team to pick from. Chelsea will be without key midfielder N’Golo Kante as Frank Lampard is expected to play with a back three that worked so well against Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final.

The game itself should be a spectacle as it always is between these two sides but what will follow will be one of the greatest things to celebrate ever. Make sure you celebrate it. Everyone will want to and so you should but make sure you do so in the safest possible manner. After all Liverpool have finally won the Premier League title in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Only Liverpool could pull that off. Up the Reds!

Written by Elliot Thompson

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