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Green Bell Packaging launch UK’s first plastic free naturally degradable and compostable pet waste bag

Green Bell Packaging has launched the UK’s first plastic free naturally degradable and compostable pet waste bag ahead of plastic tax.

A leading supplier of plant-based packaging since 2018, the company headed by founder M Vahid Nagori, uses organic and natural resources, combined with the latest manufacturing technology, to create a variety of sustainable products for distribution across Europe. 

It offers its portfolio of international clients a range of 100% plant based & plastic free products, including mailing bags, carrier bags, bin bags and more, while offsetting their own carbon footprint by 100%.

Green Bell Packaging launch UK’s first plastic free naturally degradable and compostable pet waste bag

Speaking from their Liverpool HQ, Associate Director Thibault Denis said:

“Unlike alternatives, our pet waste bags will leave no environmental footprint and do not require a compost bin to break down, degrading naturally in the open environment. The issue with many of these so-called biodegradable products that are on the market right now is that they are just not capable of delivering on the promise of helping our planet. Once broken down, some release a ton of microplastics into the environment which can be really harmful.

“We’ve embarked on extensive research into green technologies informing product development. We knew we had to get this right because of the huge impact pet waste bags have on the environment, with over 500 million being used every year.”

This announcement comes ahead of the newly introduced plastic tax that will be in force from April 1. 

The Government mandated tax is designed to provide a strong economic incentive for businesses to phase out their use of plastic packaging in favour of recycled plastic in the manufacturing process.  

It is estimated that around 20,000 manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging are expected to be impacted by the new tax, meaning Green Bell are keen to get the word out about their affordable and effective alternatives.

Thibault added: “It’s going to cause some huge shockwaves across all industries as companies readjust to this new reality; but if done right, it will be worth it for the health of our planet. If the use of recycled plastic in packaging does increase by around 40 per cent as the Government hope, then the UK could see carbon savings of nearly 200,000 tons from 2022 to 2023, which is massive.” 

Green Bell Packaging has opened a second office in London following the establishment of major partnerships with an impressive catalogue of national brands and retailers. The team also launched an e-commerce side of the business through their website, making their products more accessible to everyday consumers.

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