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Haunted Places in Liverpool you need to know about

Liverpool isn’t just famous for its music and history; it’s also known for its haunted places. 

This city has many spots where ghosts are said to roam. Liverpool’s haunted spots are interesting to explore, from old buildings with spooky stories to places where people have seen or felt strange things. 

If you like learning about ghosts and haunted places, Liverpool has a lot to offer. We’ll show you some of the most famous haunted places in Liverpool, where the past seems to still be around in a mysterious way.

44 Penny Lane

L18 1DG

With a song named after the iconic street by the Fab Four, Penny Lane is a regular stopping point for music fans visiting the city. The road also has a darker past than the song may suggest and is home to two spirits.

If the stories are true, one that is particularly aggressive has made a home for itself in one of Liverpool’s haunted houses at 44 Penny Lane.

Speke Hall

The Walk, Speke, L24 1XD

Haunted Places in Liverpool you need to know about

One of the city’s most unique buildings, Speke Hall, is a 16th-century building and was home to Edward Norris and his family. 

They were a devoutly Catholic family. That didn’t stop Mr Norris from having problems with gambling and alcohol, which started to put him in debt. His wife threw their son from the Tapestry Room’s window into the lake below, where he drowned, and then eventually, she did the same thing. This is why, as well as the sheer size of the building, many believe this manor is haunted. Numerous sightings and visitors have stated they felt uneasy in certain parts of the building.

Newsham Park Hospital

11B Orphan Dr, L6 7UL

Haunted Places in Liverpool you need to know about

There are many abandoned Victorian buildings throughout the city, but one that stands out is Newsham Park Hospital. Thanks to its long and horrific history, the building is also said to be haunted. It was first built and used as an orphanage in 1874, and then it was used as a hospital before being used as a mental asylum until it was closed down in 1997.

Many ghost sightings and events that can’t be explained have been reported in and around the hospital. These accounts date back to its time as a hospital, with the ghosts of former patients said to roam around its corridors and rooms.

St. James Cemetery

Cathedral Gate, Upper Duke St, Hope St, Upper Parliament St, St James Rd,L1 7AZ

Haunted Places in Liverpool you need to know about

Cemeteries are often thought to be haunted. St. James Cemetery has been the site of some unexplainable events and even some terrifying occurrences. 

With around 58,000 people said to be buried there, it’s not surprising for many ghost hunters that there would be paranormal activity at the cemetery. One notable spirit said to haunt the cemetery is William Huskisson, a former member of the UK parliament who was run over by the Rocket locomotive engine. His spirit has been sighted wandering through the graveyard and the exterior of the grand mausoleum.

Adelphi Hotel

Ranelagh St, L3 5UL

Haunted Places in Liverpool you need to know about

One of the most central and popular hotels in Liverpool, the Adelphi Hotel is also said to be one of the most haunted places in Liverpool. One spirit regularly spotted around the hotel is Raymond Brown, a pageboy who died in 1961 when he became trapped inside the hotel’s baggage room lift.

Another is a man named George who took his own life during the 30s in the hotel.


Whether you are a wannabe ghost hunter, a true believer, or just looking for something different that will give you goosebumps, there are plenty of haunted places in Liverpool to visit. Many ghost hunt tour operators offer visits to these key locations, but you can also brave them yourself if you dare.


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