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Moocher a new social app has been founded in Liverpool

Liverpool has founded a new app, Moocher, a new social app for networking, finding friends and more.

With Moocher’s unique swiper screen that you might see on e.g. dating apps, you can invite people to join your group, the minimum group size being three. Or let people find you on the map and request to join. Once you’ve joined a group, you’ll have access to a group chat. You can get chatting and make new friends before the meet up.

Fans and early adopters of Moocher said they just gave an overview of for instance, what music they liked or the sports they were interested in… just enough to hint at mutual likes in attracting others. Moocher is not intrusive either in that you are not asked a long series of questions before being able to join.

Founded in Liverpool as a business, Moocher can be used anywhere in the world but the team believe that early feedback shows how friends near to where you live can be an ideal recipe for a fun-filled local social schedule. The app has also been commended for offering plenty of tips on safely socialising with fellow users.

Moocher enables you to start talking and getting to know new friends before you meet them with its chat function, which can be added to the free-to-download app for just 99p per month. For the same price, you can promote the group and the team expects Moocher to become popular with e.g. businesses creating events, mums, pastime-based groups in sport and leisure as well as those interested in dating.

There’s a huge demand from people right now wanting to find like-minded others to hang out with, whatever their interests.

Spokesperson for the app Joel Jelen said:

“Moocher has been put together as a socialising app that enables people to choose and enjoy a diverse range of activities. It was initially inspired by one of the team travelling to London on their own and wanting to meet like-minded folk with an affinity for the same events based nearby.”

“With Moocher you can pin drop any location you like. A local cafe, bar, a museum, find events locally and create your own event too. That’s one of its unique features.”

“There’s an over-60’s option within the app too which the team felt essential to include given the statistics around wellness, mental health,  loneliness and isolation for older age-groups. The same can be said for younger groups especially given the high percentage of single households now in the UK population.”

“It also enables locations like local venues and individual users to host events and social catch-ups,” adds Jelen. “People using the app can find and attend gatherings in their area and make it a prime tool for filling their diary at the touch of a button in the future. In creating a group, the app allows you to invite people from the swiper screen too.”

Joel says Moocher has the same hopes and aspirations as many of the well-known household name social media sites but with its own uniqueness.

Joel adds:

“It can help those people whose networks have dissolved as they get older for all kinds of reasons. Friends can become e.g. more family-oriented or relocate and meeting new contacts and making friends locally has arguably become more difficult up to now. Moocher can change that.”

You can download the new app here.

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