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Liver Bird secret discovery prompts ‘Help’ from RLB360 tour

Royal Liver Building 360 are on the hunt for information on previously unseen ‘help’ graffiti on one of Liverpool’s famous Liver Birds.

The Liver birds, synonymous with Liverpool and by far the two most famous birds to come from the city, have been keeping a secret which could span well over a century.

Affectionately named Bella and Bertie, the twosome fiercely protect the city with Bella looking out to sea and Bertie overlooking Liverpool itself, the pair have become the iconic duo of Liverpool and are known worldwide as the guardians of the city.

During recent drone footage to capture the birds eye view from the top of the Liver Building, graffiti was spotted on one of the wings of Bella, leaving the team at RLB360, the visitor attraction at the Royal Liver Building, stumped.

The Graffiti, not revealed to the public until today, is made up of one single word ‘Help’, has provided amusement and confusion for the RLB360 team who are now on the lookout for the culprit or anyone with information on how it got there.

The birds themselves were erected with the Royal Liver Building in 1911 meaning the scrawling could date back over 100 years so finding out how and when it got there is by no means an easy feat. 

As part of the history  of the Liver Birds and the building itself, RLB360 are asking for people to come forward with any information or insight into how the graffiti got there or who the signatory was so they can include it in the tour going forward. 

Chris Devaney, Operations Manager at RLB360 said:

“When we first saw the drone footage we had to do a double take, it’s really got us stumped how the graffiti got there and by who. It would be very interesting for us to know more.

The Liver Birds are world famous so to know how this got there would be a fantastic new piece of history to add to the tale of the duo and the wider history of the building. Our tour guides do a fantastic job telling the history of the building and it would be great for them to be able to include this newly discovered piece of history too. If there is anyone with any information on how the graffiti got there then I urge them to get in touch with us.”

Who knows if that same person is still looking for ‘Help’ or if it was all done in jest but it would be great to find out more so it can be further added to the unique history of the building.

Anyone with information on the mystery surrounding the ‘help’ graffiti can email info@rlb360.com

More information about the RLB360 tour is available on Instagram @RLB360 or at www.rlb360.com

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