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Liverpool Health and Wellbeing launch 30×30 Scouse Support Scheme

With the latest national lockdown restrictions now in place, it is more important than ever to ensure you take care of yourself.

Helping people of the city and beyond is Liverpool Health and Wellbeing, who have recently launched the Scouse Support Scheme. The new scheme offers 30 minutes a day for 30 days of activities that help with your overall wellbeing. 

Liverpool Health and Wellbeing launch 30x30 Scouse Support Scheme

The idea behind this is to have as many people as possible following this, to help them with their overall wellbeing and support the businesses. Whether people join in a few classes or all of them, the team want people to know what is available to them especially during times like this.

As a city, we are constantly tested and always tackling obstacles like no one else. Liverpool Health and Wellbeing want to still be able to encourage people to live a happier, healthier life, even during a crisis. 

The Scouse Support Scheme will be showcasing the great independents in the city who have taken a huge knock, but are still cracking on supporting each other.

Liverpool Health and Wellbeing launch 30x30 Scouse Support Scheme

The knock on effect since COVID-19 has seen the team have to cancel two of their successful Eudaemonia Festivals and numerous retreats. The festivals offered a day of wellness that you don’t experience anywhere else in the city yet. From food, education, fitness, seminars, all supporting your overall wellbeing.

Businesses from across the city have come together in unity to support the people and each other with the scheme activities ranging from yoga, fitness classes, meditation, cook-a-longs, talks, hypnotherapy, kids activities, lots of mindful activities and much more. Some days there are more than one activity.

To be a part of the Scouse Support Scheme, join Liverpool Health and Wellbeing’s free membership through their website and the links are posted for each free session for you to join.

For further information visit www.liverpoolhealthandwellbeing.com

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