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Liverpool lifeguard shed over three stones to live a healthier and happier life

A Liverpool lifeguard who felt she’d let herself go throughout Sixth Form, shed a total of 20 kilos after turning to renowned Personal Trainer and owner of POW8R Callum Webb.

Jess Cooke, 24, from Hightown, had been slim all of her life until she piled on the pounds in Sixth Form and hated how she looked.

Liverpool lifeguard shed over three stones to live a healthier and happier life

She explained:

“I didn’t even realise how much weight I’d put on, but one day I looked in the mirror and thought ‘wow, I can’t live like this’”.

Jess contacted POW8R, an online fitness app, to transform her lifestyle.

POW8R supports its clients in every stage of their life; whether that be to focus on their overall health and fitness, lose weight, gain weight after eating disorders, train in the lead up, during and after pregnancy, or find their love of fitness again after taking some time out.

Owned by couple Callum Webb and Holly Braithwaite, POW8R works on its clients’ mental health, fitness levels, strength and ability, to create a lifestyle with longevity.

For Jess, Callum advised completing three 30-40 minute workouts per week that could be completed at home or at the gym, as well as hitting 10,000 steps every other day and helping her with her nutrition to incorporate a balanced diet into her lifestyle that most importantly wasn’t restricted,

Jess added:

“I wanted to change my whole lifestyle to be healthier and feel good in my own skin and I achieved a serious transformation in just eight weeks when I first started with Cal. We maintained that for the duration of my training which was really sustainable and easy to manage. I’m now working towards achieving my new current goals, focusing on the same amounts of workouts, whilst ensuring I hit my protein and macros.”

Available worldwide, POW8R supports its clients in over 40 different countries with their health and fitness goals, helping them to transform their bodies and change their mindsets, lifestyles and habits to live a healthier and more balanced life.

Callum explained:

“At POW8R, we work with clients who are all very different and that’s why our focus is always on the individual – we never adopt a one size fits all approach. When Jess came to us for help, I put together a plan that would help her reach her goals. We focus on longevity and don’t advocate for quick fixes or restriction. Jess’ plan was sustainable and maintainable, and we’re so proud to have helped her shed 20kg and keep it off!”

“Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, transforming a client’s mental health, helping them to become fitter and stronger overall, we’ve seen and helped with every goal. POW8R is about accessibility for everyone; we all deserve to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. It’s available worldwide and members can sign up to monthly, quarterly or yearly memberships from as little as £15 per month.”

With members – both male and female – from 18-60 years of age, POW8R is suitable for all, with over 600 workouts and over 600 recipes available to access at any time. 

Holly and Callum also take real-time live workouts four times a week, where users can log on and workout alongside them both. There’s also a chat box for live workouts where members can communicate to help with accountability and interaction with other members.

POW8R subscriptions include monthly, quarterly and yearly options.

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