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Liverpool voted kindest city in the UK

Liverpool has been named the kindest city in the UK by hotel chain Travelodge. The hotel conducted a ‘Kindness Report’ in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Week, which resulted in a total of 2,000 adults being surveyed to determine the top 10 kindest UK cities.

The report showed that 55% of residents of Liverpool perform an act of kindness every day. The top nice gestures that people performed daily were holding the door or lift for someone and helping a mum up the steps with her pram or shopping.

Liverpool voted kindest city in the UK

With no surprise the Brits believe the UK’s northern cities show more daily kindness than the south, as seven of the top 10 kindest cities were from the northern regions of Britain, and the top three named were northern cities.

Here are the final survey results for The UK’s top 10 kindest cities:

  1. Liverpool – 55%
  2. York – 51%
  3. Manchester – 48%
  4. Aberdeen – 40%
  5. Plymouth – 38%
  6. Wolverhampton – 37%
  7. Leeds – 35%
  8. Cambridge – 34%
  9. Glasgow – 32%
  10. London – 31%

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