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Local Author Matt Jacobson reflects on a warm summer evening in Liverpool

“The shadows of trees, they reach to me.“

The summer evening was closing in as I was heading out. The daytime desire to avoid the sun by staying indoors had become dangerous as the day progressed. The summer had sneakily seeped a stream of obscene warm air through windows and truly succeeded in smothering my senses and covered calmness with a blanket of awkward agitation. I sluggishly headed out to rapturous applause from my drained and dazed lungs. However, the air wasn’t much better outside and although a slight breeze fought hard to cool me down, it immediately ran away from the fight as soon as I felt comfortable.

It was evident a long walk was out of the question because a) I didn’t want a long walk and b) I had the evidence to back that decision. So, I opted for a short and sharp journey to a nearby park where I stopped at the edge of the picture-perfect space. To others I was scanning for a sunbathing slot, but to me I was looking for a huge tree with extremely large branches to hide under.

Local Author Matt Jacobson reflects on a warm summer evening in Liverpool
Photograph by Michelle Marshall

Trees reached to me and rescued me. And one in particular invited me in to rest underneath and to stay cool. I took up the offer, sat down underneath and watched the fun lovers of the world dip into the world of activity, lapping up the sun sapping weather. For me, I opted for music, reading, and sipping a drink – a strong one.

The setting was perfect. As time passed by, I regretted not leaving home earlier in the day, but I was rewarded with a magical sunset. Clouds carefully produced droplets of desire and parachuted candy kisses to all below and many below collected the falling pecks in their pockets. The sunset gave me its heart and I returned my soul.

Darkness arrived with minimal warning and I planned on heading home. I stopped listening to my music and began to pack up. But then I looked up to the sky and, like many others, I decided to stay a little longer as the sky looked so loving and so giving as it handed out gifts of promise, belief and beauty. The weather was still warm, so I lay back down under the tree, resting my head on my bag and looking up to the sky through the tree branches and leaves.

As time passed, I could see the sky delightfully dim its lights and remind me the best thing about darkness is that the stars appear. At times the branches covered up the stars, but then sometimes they let the stars shine and live free to light up the dark and warm park. I rested and tested the stars by asking for something without not really knowing the question. They looked quizzical, mysterious and lyrical.

Photography by Michelle Marshall

The Stars:

Stars express all I can’t give
And remind me of a life I don’t live,
These stars have a beauty only they can shine
And remind me of perfection that will never be mine
Stars live with me, walk with me and let me be me
One day you will see my life and terrifying quandary
Stars provide perfect peace to all who live within
One day I will open the gold door and let myself in
My dear stars, until then I ask you sincerely,
Hold out your arms and love me dearly
My loving request to your sparkling beauty,
Hold my hand, as you are my lifeguard on duty.

As the night progressed, a cool wind said hello. So, I said goodbye to the park and the stars kindly accompanied me home. And they have done so from the cot to 18, from L11 to L19, from yesterday to today. And tonight, I will always hope to play a part in their dreams. 

As they will forever direct mine.

‘Peace to all’

Matthew Jacobson

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